Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fly is so FLY!!

This morning i was listening to and his usual expected antics and humour always, always makes me laugh.

You still fly, flyguy!

I remember listening to him when he started wif time highway radio was it?? well us fourth formers of a boarding school had a new passion by then. That is listening to flyguy. By the time we were in form 5, everyone was soo in love wif him. Everyone wanted to listen to him plus to see how he looks like.. what he does.. where he lives etc.. Like really! hehe

Some even make prank if not honest declaration on a phonecall to his station on air and declare their love to him! The really real deal funny deejay the malaysians had only managed to far. The calls are fun n funny to do to whilst the hours of boredom and spice up the lives in an all girls boarding school. Damn! it was FUN n funny then.. hehe. Everyone was so excited and exhilarated then ( Yes, making prank calls was one of those 'fun' things that we do ) haha

Nway, flyguy still sounds the same and i am happy that he is back on air!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Angel is 11mons today!

Angel is 11mons old 2day. She's turning 1 in less than no time. How time flies and how she has grown. You can see more of her character as the day passes.

She has 4 upper and 3 lower teeth now, but she stills eats blended porridge. Of coz she eats the odds suaps by her nenna and yours truly. But i thk bibik also does the same. Give her to try diff food. Just for her to taste.

Just last saturday we went to A&W for dinner. We gave her a fries. She was holding it and excitedly eating it little by little. The funny thing is when it got to the start of her grip, she was still tryin to eat it but didnt open up her grip. Just to see her tryin to figure out how to get the rest of her fries is an amazement to me. ;)

She now rides her lill pink car like a pro. Even walks while pushin the car around. No, she cant walk on her own yet. Just furniture walking. Confidently. So confident sometimes that it scares me. I mean, i'm just scared when and if she lose her balance. Well..practise makes purfect. Only mummy is the nervous one sometimes...

Was counting the minutes to get home to see her 2day. She was as jovial and as happy as can be when i saw her playing in the av room cum playroom. Gave me a big smile, talked her baby talk n then continued playing..knowing all attention is on her now. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005



actually i've yet to tell my hubby that i haf actually started this blog. So i am gonna surprise him with it 2day.

My hubby n i. We have a very long history. Way back in Std one. Thats when we got to know abt each other's existance. But nothing happened la then. Kecik2 mane ade tau ape2. Ehh ke ade??!?? hehe

Imagine knowing ur future hubby when u were very little!! Not knowing what the future holds for us. When i think abt then, it just made me smile. I ponder on how life takes its turns. How small the world can be ( in my case la..haha!) n that your lifetime partner was actually growing up with you and in the same classroom!!

To cut the story short, years later we got married and after a year, God bless us with our little darling angel.

So daddy, i hope u like this!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Adorably heart-melting performance!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

in need of sleep

i am soo sleepy!! i can hardly open my eyes..
time is runnin oh so sloww now..

mebbe after a few days of not staring at the pc for so long, my eyes gets dry n blurry now..

i need some refreshment. i need my drops!!

actually, i am in badly need of my SLEEP!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wat time can i get home??

i started the day with a smile from my little darling. As usual she wud flash her biggest smile even when she'd just woke up. And this girl wud wake up (almost everytime) and immediately lift her head (sometime even wif her eyes still closed) and look for a familiar face. Once she saw either me or daddy, she wud smile and manje2 her head back on the pillow. Well this morning was just the same. and yes, my heart melt everytime i see that.

She saw her two aunties n grandma n grandpa who just got back last nite from korea. She got very excited. She missed them when they were away in her own ways i guess. So she talked her baby talk and of coz grandma n grandpa got excited too..

I drove to work today. Usually i wud be chauffer-driven by my brother..hehe (we actually car-pool to work..) I think we must be the few malaysians who actually does that. Well, its easy if you stay and work at the same place.. haha

What i did 2day at work? We're havin some VIP visitors 2moro from Japan. So a lot of preparation n biasela kan.. leavin thgs to the last minute plus last minute ideas made me pusing2 the whole day.

Finally, now me just sitting at me desk waiting for my bro to finish up his stuff. This is one of the downside of car-pooling! :(

Bibik rang late afternoon to tell me that my lill darlin is coughing and havin runny nose. She started wif askin me to come back early n bring baby to the clinic. I almost got panic but not quite..knowing her cara of tellin me things la kan. I know the clinic opens at nite so i said ok je la. Takla panic sgt. But lemme tell u, u wudnt want a baby to have a cold n cough. Not easy. Very hard. Hard on the baby n hard on you. kesian the baby.

Me hubby is on the way back this evening from work. Now he gets to greet n see our baby 1st. Not that i'm competing or anythin... ;) If poss, i wanna be wif my baby the whole time.. hehe

Hmmph..still waiting.. i am sleepy too. Slept late last nite since we had to go to the airport. They needed 2 cars.. Lets hope there's some exciting goodies for me!! haha

Wonder wat time will i get to go home??

Friday, November 18, 2005

I've decided to change the topic of my blog.. hehe but it is still gonna be about me living my life and also about the love or loves of my life. About basic life's simple pleasures and happenings around me.

Now, i wanna try putting in a photo. I asked for help from my good fren. Thanks wegra. ;) Ur a luv. More qs coming tho, i'd better warn you in advance. hehe

Yeay.. i think i did it.. hehe.. the photo i put in is of my little angel tryin the highchair that we got for her at the shop. The mummy insisted that she gave it a try first :) We got the 2 in 1 type where its a high chair plus u can take out the chair n the base becomes a desk. Must make it worth it la abit rite?? ;)

More photos to come..hehe.. just lemme get the hang of it..

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My first post

Live life love..this is my first posting and it was not breezy. Couldnt think of a name, and even when i did, it was taken. Submitted a few n now.. i dont think i remember what i put in.. My memory is not so good nowadays..Did i hear some sayings before that when u r pregnant, there tend to be some memory-connected losses.. oh well.. i thk it must be sth to do with forgetting abt the pain of labour after giving birth so that you would not be as scared abt goin through it again..mebbe..mebbe not.

i could not even think of a title.. tho i've yet to decide whether to go anonymous on my profile or just publish..hehe..anyway.. of coz this is goin to be about my life journey plus the stories of my little angel..basic life and love. simply.

i would just go along as it is. go with the flow. change it when it needs changing. or be as it is. As is. we'll see..

good luck to me!