Thursday, December 25, 2008

the hibiscus and new year

Hubby told me that she came back from the padang one evening and brought back three hibiscus. One for mummy, one for daddy and one for her she said. She told daddy to put it to her ear and strike a pose for her daddy!

On a different note, she is turning four quite soon! What i notice that she loves so much now is still her Tigger, of course! And then, there's the thing with cold, iced water. I try to minimise it as much as i could, but she just love it. She loves milo and chips (which she will always insist if she stops by the petrol station! especially with her grandmother!) She also is still into Dora, Barney and all the D*sney cartoon shows. Can't blame her since she does nothing but sits at home this school holiday! She calls Rihanna's Disturbia and Tangga's Terbaik Untukmu as HER song (she will sing and hums and insist that daddy plays it for her everytime she gets into daddy's car!)

She's going into a new school next year with a new environment totally! We have yet to get her white school shoes. Everytime i go the shopping mall now and see the back to school promotion, it brings me back to the time when it was my time of buying school uniforms etc.. and now i am there getting stuffs for my daughter instead. Well, its only the beginning, she is not even in std one yet.. hehe

As for my growing belly, i am getting heavier by the day. I have a friend who is still wearing her normal pre-pregnancy jeans in her 3rd trimester and me on the other hand, had to go maternity-pants-only when i hit my first day of 2nd trimester!

Arina loves her baby in the tummy so much that sometimes when i hugged her tight, she would pulled back and say dont hurt baby. I really hope she and also us can adjust well to having the new addition to the family soon!

I bet everyone is in the holiday mood now, it being Xmas day tomorrow and the new year is so very near!

(Btw, prosperity burger is out now too..but i didnt get a good one i think when i had it for the first time yesterday..too dry; i guess they didnt put enough of the sauce for me to really, really enjoy it this time!)

Happy New Year everyone! :D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A mini concert for her last music class for the year...

My lil girl finally had her last class for her MK class and we had a mini concert with just her classmates with a little potluck session for the parents and kids after that. I knew she had some rest prior but she still manage to throw a lil 'tantrum' by not wanting to stand with the rest of her class to perform (asking for some nuggets instead) but luckily when the music started, she began moving and did what she always did in class. Of course, in between the demands ie. mummy has to stand near her, feeding her nuggets and toilet breaks etc, she did sing and dance and perform with the rest of the class..

She also got her first certificate from it! I have actually yet to enrol her to the next level but i think i am going to soon. The teacher said that she has got the rhythm and she can follow the beat; so we'll see how it goes in this next level because this where they'll introduce the keyboard notes etc i think. One course down n many, many more lessons to go through...Wish me luck as i've got two more years it seems that a parent have to attend together with the kid in these music course.. ;)