Sunday, May 10, 2009

Almost at the end of my second confinement...

Our Labour Room

One of Ayska's first picture

Just before her first bath

Ayska is turning 6 weeks tomorrow. How time flies and I have 4 more days of confinement..woot!woot! and i cant wait though in a way, i feel quite sad as i know i am getting nearer to the time i will leave the little ones at home and start work again. How I wish I have more flexible working hours and spend more time with my two girls daily.

My confinement this second time around was a bit more flexible and not as rigid as my first. I only had about 10 days of those urut-tungku-bengkung session compared to a whole month the last time around. But the lovely part this time was that Ayska too got to be urut-tungku by the masseuse lady, which was lovely seeing her enjoying it even though she's still so small and tiny. :D
Perfect timing - Daddy got this at one of her urut session, smiling!

She is slowly filling up and outgrowing her newborn clothes. Its a wonderful feeling holding her, cuddling her, kissing her and getting a whiff of her baby smell. You know that smell. The wonderful smell of a baby! She also is starting to have longer period of being awake, wanting to play and communicate. She's cooing and all and just loves it when we talk to her. Its as if she understands everything. She likes it when we hold her upright over the shoulder; she would lift her head to just look around, absorbing the world around her i guess.

Her weight was 4.4kg at 1 month old, when we weighted her during her visit to the doc for her one month old jap.

On the other hand, her kakak is also still adjusting to having her around and has shown her 'jealousy' or rather a 'cry for attention'. But she loves her adik to bits and if anyone ask whether they can bring her little sister home with them, she quickly and protectively says a big No!

Tomorrow also would be her first day of having a test in her kindy. Her kindy is quite academic i know hehe but i'm putting no pressure on her. It'll be nice also to see how she has fare this semester in her new school! :D