Thursday, March 04, 2010

my lil cruiser...

Both photos above were taken sometime in Jan 2010 (took me a while to upload it here, eh!). In fact, we took out the playpen in the picture already last month..

I somehow managed to get a photo of her standing and trying to get two, three steps forward.. It was really, really exciting to be able to see that! Really! I mean, I can hardly describe the feeling of seeing her taking the first few steps and even though we went through it before with Arina, I was still amazed and happy and excited! And to think that she was already taking those few wobbly steps at that stage really surprised me. I guess she really wanted to catch up to her kaklong quick! hehe

Ayska is now 11 months old and quite the cruiser.. though sometimes she looks like she's dancing, breakdancing, line dancing whatever you call it...trying to catch her balance back hehe and there were some funny moments when she walks like a mabuk person haha oops!

She will fall on her bum, on all four, sideways etc but she never gives up! She will have this 'selamba' face on and gets back on her feet and continue wobbling about.. hehe Only when it really, really hurts and when something frustrates her would you hear her cry.

Another 27 days and she will be ONE year old! How time really flies!! *sigh*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

almost 1 year already? she's cute when she wobbles like 'org mabuk' as you put it! ;)

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Rina said...

finally a photo of asyka..bravo to her! she looks very different since i last saw her and still very cute!!!
anyway, wanna ask...where did you get that playpen? i need one for aidan when im home, dont think i can kejar him everywhere...hehe

8:18 PM  
Blogger elly said...

nins, yeah, u saw kan the other.. funny rite?! hehehe

rina, thanks! the playpen was custom-made by my sister in law for her daughter years back.. we borrowed it then.. its quite big n heavy too :)
But ayska will always scream if we put her there unless we're in it with her, then she's ok.. hehehe

But of course, its was very useful then.. coz she'd be crawling everywhere then! :)

Hope we can catch up when ur back here. tk cr

11:28 AM  
Blogger elly said...

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11:28 AM  

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