Friday, February 11, 2011

hello there

I have been away for too long. Thought i might give a little update or two. :)

Kakak has been in standard one for about a month and a half now. She's on holiday today because it is a 'hari peristiwa' decided by the school. But I only got to know about it the day before yesterday. So, cant plan to take leave since I was on leave yesterday.

Kakak got a few friends from kindy in the same class with her now. So I guess she felt right at home even during the extra classes that they got prior to the start of school in January. In fact, she has a friend that she goes to tuition with thats in the same class. To top to that, they have already made plans to meet up for a playdate this Saturday! And it is not the first time too!

But i must say, i have a feeling the thing that got her excited the most about her new school must be the canteen and the bookshop!! She would find the smallest reason to buy something in school. Sometimes she would just bring back what she bought and happily pass the biscuit etc to her Adek! :D Her very first purchase was a mineral water, btw!!

Her Adek, on the other hand, is very happy to be able to get something new from her Kakak. Adek is a very determined little girl! Whatever Kakak has, she got to have it too! Whatever Kakak is doing, she must be doing it too, and, at the same time!

Imagine me, trying to get Kakak to practise her piano. The minute she got to the piano, there goes Adek, insisting on playing the Piano at the same time and they will fight for the space on the little piano that we have! There are times when I wish I have two pianos at home!

Adek's vocabulary is slowly increasing but she got her baby 'pelat'. So, its not so bad now communicating with her cause we can sort of 'understand' what she wants. She knows how to say 'mine' in order to insist that its her thing and not her kakak's. Some of her words that I can remember now:

mousse - Mickey mouse
bibo - Dibo the gift Dragon
doya - Dora
lagu - song
tatit - sakit
atuh - jatuh
oup - soup
titen - chicken
piyo - her favourite bolster
tin - her pacifier
nyanyuk - mosquito (so funny to hear her say nyanyuk instead of nyamuk!)

She can call out to most of the family members of both sides of the family and she warms up to people easily and is very close to the family!
Her favourite thing to do now in the morning is to take the phone and passed it to bibik and ask her to call either her Nena or her Popo. And she will 'talk' until she is happy. 

She only take one afternoon nap now and will have rice + lauk + soup (her favourite) with dessert twice a day.

Her favourite time of the day would be when she gets to go to the field where most children from our neighbourhood gathers. She will always bring a ball along with her. So, you should see how she kicked a ball now. Just like any football player on tv! ;)
Both of the girls love to sing, so now, the minute we get into my car, Adek will insist on 'agu', that is for me to switch on the radio and their favourite songs now are from Yuna's Decorate album! Because thats what been playing on the player all these while! so the little girl will sing along to the tracks and in fact, kakak will have her favourites too! Track No 7, 9 and 10. Adek's fav is track No1. Dont ask me the title coz i know the songs by the track number too! If only i can record them singing along to the songs. :D

Maybe I should start uploading new songs and play it in the car! More nursery rhymes and ABCs song i guess! :D

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Anonymous Jaja said... sweet and very girly :-)
the piano fight sounds familiar...whatever no.1 has/do no.2 pun MESTI ada pun sounds very2 familiar...mcm ada kembar plak kan?

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Jaja said...

lupa nak sambung..
and adek pun ada piyo?mak borek anak rintik..hehehe...

10:21 AM  

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