Friday, February 29, 2008

Of a graduation down under and a few things in between...

With a view of sunset and the city. They did the jump and of coz the little one
hit the ground first. Hehe

I wanted to take a photo of her with the kangaroo lazing
in the background; but that was the best pose i could get out of her then
(still wanting to maintain the cap on).

She's pointing to the kangaroo. She was going "where?! where?!" at first
looking for it hehe

This was the old cages that they used to use in the
olden days where the animals were held captive..
I can recall the name of the bird but it just so happened
to be doin that as we passed by the 2nd time..

I have been missing to post things on the blogs. I have been here and there, not overly super duper busy but just didnt have the RIGHT time i guess.

On Arina's birthday last Dec, we actually joined Daddy-o in Kuching, because of course he wants to be with his daughter on that special day of hers. Had a lovely time and wanted to blog about it but somehow missed it again. I would have to find another slot to blog about it later (if i ever get to it!) :)

Last weekend we had the shortest trip ever, well, it is only the 2nd time for the little girl to Perth. But nevertheless, we had the greatest time, running around between shopping, lil sightseeing, following my sister running her errands and enjoying the city. It was my sister's graduation, you see. My sister, the graduate. Haha, congrats Titi. After years of staying there, she's finally coming home. :)