Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My girl at 34 months...

I got this update of my little girl from Babyc*nter yesterday.

“Ever catch your child talking to an
imaginary friend? Pretend friends can be a healthy part of your child's developing conscience and value system. They keep her company, provide solace, and even share the blame for the things your child wishes she hadn't done. By age 6, most kids lose interest in them. Until then, let your child enjoy the companionship while you commit these moments to memory. They'll make for nice reminiscences when your little one is all grown up.”

When I came home after work that evening, she had a lot to tell me. And funny thing was, she mentioned about her ‘friend’ and a ‘kakak’. I guess Babyc*nter was quite spot on. Hehe.

I even asked her what’s her friend’s name; to which she answer something which I cant quite understand.

She also mentioned about school ( this I am happy to hear; at least it shows she’s interested in the idea of going to school), about her daddy (coz daddy was away) and also her cartoon shows on tv.

Somehow rather she also said she also poo2 that day. I guess when her vocab is better, she would have a lot more better things to report to me. hehe

Don’t get me wrong; she doesn’t really tell me in a lengthy perfect sentence but those were the ‘reports’ that I had managed to grasp from her as she sat on my lap recapping what she did that day! ;)

The two girls in the picture however are her friends from the bazaar. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

And we did it; the cut

This is her first commercial hair cut and we did it at this new place that i found for myself; yes, i did cut my hair here too; pre-raya. Hers was post raya; on the 5th day of Raya actually.

She was all serious throughout and did not move (well, she fidgeted a bit because we were excited taking photos). Although she was a bit upset when someone nearby switched on the hair dryer. So there i was sitting beside her; holding her hand to give her encouragement and pacify her to not move. And she was all quiet and cooperative. But she didnt smile until the very end when we bring her down from the chair (probably wondering what's the fuss about getting this haircut thing). Am so proud of her..Hehe

More photos and dramas to come. Later!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

To cut or not to cut...

We have been contemplating to cut Arina's hair for quite a while. I wanted to cut the length short sometime ago (i think when i was cutting her fringe the last time) but daddy-o was not around then, so when i called him and told him, he said a plain no. And so i waited.

Then we discussed again about it and decided that we'll do it for raya.

But then again, each and everytime i look at her long hair i kept thinking; sayang.

Of course i know it'll grow back. But i was thinking that i'll be missing seeing her in ponytail, seeing her with her long hair loose and free with slight wave at the end, seeing her hold her hair as if trying to tie and even when she comb her hair.

After or if we cut, it'll be much, much shorter. You see, she has hair of different length since baby (because we had never cut the length; only her fringe).

So i guess the best is to cut.

But then again, i'll missed it.

Only for a short time i hope. People say trimmed hair grow faster. And so i hope on that saying.

And lets pray it'll be good. A good hair cut. Because mummy will be doing it. (Or should i go to the professionals to do it?!)

Hmm..so much thoughts going into her hair. What say you my dear little girl?!

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My tower and me...

Tadaa! Look at my tower; its even taller than me! (thx A.Zurra for helping me!)

This is one of the things i just found out that my lil girl likes other than her blocks and jigsaw puzzles. Thanks lil Imtiyaz for letting us play with your toys and thanks for having us at your new place. Your mummy is one great decorator. I just love her color schemes and personal touches in all the rooms! Everything is just so cozy and lovely. The polkadots are all at the right places that totally enhanced the walls. Sorry we messed up the room, but we definitely had a great time that night.
Lets have more suppers together!
** I want pancakes!

An another tag; 5 things

"5 things"

1. 5 things in my handbag/bag:
Mobile phone
Hair clamp
2 cds that I wanted to put in the car but I forgot; Ecoutez & d’Cinnamons

2. 5 things in my wallet:
Some RM
Credit Cards
Receipts (yes, I keep them allllll and everywhere!)
Some points card that I like to collect haha

3. 5 things in my favorite room (bedroom):
My honeymoon photo
My new salt lamp
My bolster
My lil girl’s tigger
My bed!

4. 5 things I would like / love to do:
Travel the world
More shopping
Watch movies
Read books

5. 5 things I am currently doing:
Doing this tag
Setting my report format and keying in data at the same time
Thinking of my lil girl at home
Wondering what to eat with Daddy-o for buka puasa today

5 people I am tagging

Hmm I think ziah tagged almost everyone that I want to put in the list hehe