Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lookout, Angel is turning ONE!!

I learned to laugh
and squel,
then sit and stand.
Now I can walk if you
hold my hand.
But the fun has only
just begun...
Look out I'm turning ONE!

(Got this from a website when i wanted to help my sista create a card for her niece!)

Monday, December 26, 2005


Happy new year and wishing you joy and prosperity.

The Color Purple

The Oprah Winfrey Show is always a tear jerker for me. Even the tiniest airmata she can manage to create for me. Her topics are always quite interesting, tho some is only in the american context. I only like her prime-time show on StarWorld. The daily ones camne nak tgk? Noon mah..where can orang kerja tgk? Tho they must have repeats at other odd hrs.

Nway, last nite was beyonce with her new clothing collection (these ppl with money really knows how to make more money ek) Tho i missed the 1st quarter, the 2nd half was more abt her movie which is now turned into a musical. I thk i have seen The Color Purple but i have forgotten the storyline. How i wish to see the musical! Last nite they showed a snippet of Oprah's scene in it(the movie). Very strong. And very strong line. Berair mata. Even when she had the cast singing the Hell No number, sambung berair mataku lagi. These African American ladies have such powerful voices..

akad nikah

Y'day, my SIL tied the knot wif her now-husband after just 5-mons of courting. After just one-month, they have already decided then to get married. Pretty quick isnt it? But i guess this is where the saying goes, 'kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana'. I hope they will be blessed and lived happily ever after sehingga ke anak-cucu-cicit.

They had a very lovely akad nikah. It was nice to see all my hubby's relatives and friends of the family, nice gathering. Kids fighting over bunga telur, renewing acquiantances, welcoming a new family member... All in a day of an akad nikah.

I really like the work of one of my SIL's friend who is very good at doing hantaran etc. He is one very creative guy n his ideas is always something really diff which i love. He was also the one who did my hubby's hantaran when we got married. The fact that he can just come out with nice little dais just a day before the wedding is pretty great. Tho he had managed to put himself n my mummy-inlaw in a little panic attack before the event ( i dunno what happened here..mebbe the bunga didnt kembang as expected or sth..hihi cant remember..), he pulled thru in the end and produced a lovely dais and an amazing array of hantaran from the bride to the bridegroom.

Congratulations to my SIL n her new hubby.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

wan's cooking

I've always looked forward to my wan's cooking. Nevermind that when i sometime visits her i had just came back from a lunch or dinner elsewhere, if she said 'poeii la kek dapo tu haa wan masak udang' or whatever it is she cooks..never could i ever resist it. Full as i may be, i will resistingly take some rice n her sambal udang. With my 'takpela wan, takpelaa', there i was happily diggin into my all-time favourite dish. Hehe

Last nite we had wan's cooking again. After sooo long, the taste kept getting better and better. Now with baby in tow, i was sitting not-so-patiently waiting for my turn. U see we didnt bring bibik and wan's house is full of toys. So understandably, my little darlin couldnt keep still. Therefore, i had to be at her beck n call.

Came my turn to eat.. wowee did i dig into all the lovely ayam masak hmm-dunno-merah-or-curry n scrumptious udang masak petai. Not forgetting her ever popular classic rendang daging. Yummy!! Before that, for entree, she had us eat her rendang with lemang first. ( i have no idea where she got her lemang at this time post-raya ) In my greediness of savouring all the food, i had forgotten to ask that. ;)

Anyway, nothings beats grandma's cookings isnt it?

She just love to see her grandchildren enjoying the food. Makin sure we always tambah. My hubby did two rounds. And i'm not joking when i say he had a mountain full of food on his plate.

Also, we did tapau. So when we came home, everyone was still savouring the rendang daging yet again. It has that special lasting effects. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What changes post-baby

I opened my mail n got this cute little email from Babycenter which has all the mummies writing down their post-baby differences - 20 thgs that change when you have a baby.

It really does make me smile. I can relate to some of the experinces (not all ok).Some are just a bit out of this world. Tho my reason for being a morning person now is solely because of being woken up by the little darlin. It does not border me. As much as i wud love to get that extra minute of sleep, i cant describe enough the feeling of being woken up and getting a smile from a little baby thats barely a year old and that she's your own little angel.

But then again, thats why you have a bibik around. ;) (for that extra minute once in a while...)

3 parties + 4 birthday boyz

Did u know wat we did last weekend? By we, i meant my lill angel n me. We had three birthday parties for FOUR boys in 2 days last weekend. First was on saturday noon and it was a birthday do for a 11 year old boy. Now, what do you get an eleven-year-old boy for a birthday present?

I really had no idea. Seriously. Thank God my sister was there. Dya know what we got? A skateboard. Dya think an 11yrold wud like that? Well, i hope so anyway.

Next, we have 2 birthday parties for 3 birthday boys on Sunday. Of coz one was for 2 brothers. Not twins. Three years apart but their birthdays are next to each other. One is five n one is two. The other party was for a boy who's just turned ONE. Cute eh.. just abt 2 wks or so earlier that my darling daughter. :)

We went to toys'r'us for present hunting. I spent a good two hours (or more..sowi dadi;( ) just to look for 'em prezziess. Quite a pening kepala eh to look for presents. Not an easy job.Now what does boys or baby boys like? Cars, truck, lego blocks, a bat, a ball... what?? what?? Once again, thank God my sister was there too. You know how fickle i can get sometimes.. Okok.. maybe at most times eh ( hehe i know when man reads this he'll nodd his head vigarously ). Thank God i didnt go with him. No, my man doesnt like to go shopping with me. What is it with man n shopping anyway? Of coz it is always more fun to go with a lot of monies on hand. But what's wrong with window shopping eh??! (dadi, i know ur reading this n shaking ur head at the same time.. haha)Anyway, an easy task it was not, fun it was still though. Hehe! Up to this point, U can ask me where to get what in toy'r'us n i can tell u EXACTLy where it is.. (well at least where the sections are!) ;)

Wellthen comes the party the next day. As usual, my little angel n mummy-0 (as wegra calls me at times eh!) heads to the 1st party pretty late. So much so that arina felt asleep in the car n slept halfway thru the party. Well at least she didnt missed the blow-the-candle-n-happy-bday-singing session. ;)

She also loves balloons. More like 'geram' with it. She will try to grab it with her hand n squash it. I get ngilu. <---- I do not know how else to describe that feeling. Is there an english word for that? Anyway by the way.. She woke up and started immediately pointing to the balloons that was hanged everywhere in the restaurant. Oh.. thats one of her new tricks. She started pointing with her little tiny finger. Before this she will point to things with her whole hand; pointing to what she wants or where she wants to go when we carry her. (Yes, my daughter knows how to boss her mummy-0 around at this stage already.)

This is her at the next birthday party in putrajaya. She was quite fascinated with wearing that thing (is there a name for it?) that lasted a full 20 seconds at most i thk. Enuf time for tibi(her auntie) to take photos. ;)

Point to note: Go home n rest in between parties as not to tire the baby n the mummy 2!!

By the time we got home after the party we were both knocked down and went zzzzzz-land.

And by the time we both got up, it was time for her to take her mamam n for mummy-0 to dash to another kenduri. This kenduri is for my mom's couz who's family will be goin to perth. The wifey is doin her phD. I love Perth. N i am happy that they are goin there to settle for a couple of years.

Come Monday i was down with a really bad cough n cold. The cough is so bad. I thk i can feel the earth move when i cough. Yup! That bad. And sometimes it feels like the whole thing in my body will come out. And i cough non-stop. Plus a pounding headache to top to that. What is this virus??! Whats with the weather??! What is in the air??!

Come Tuesday, its Tuesday blues with a bad cough n cold.

All in all, great n tiring weekend.But bad monday flu (blues).Thank God monday was still a holiday.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cool tickers

Yesterday i had just discovered these really cool tickers. Just as i've found one, then i found another thats as cool as the first one. Can i post a lot of tickers in here on just my little angel's birthday??

Wait a minute..there's more. They just dont stop at birthday tickers. They have anniversary, pregnancy, holiday, adoption, weddings/engagement and also they have this this called ttc ticker which is short for trying-to-conceive tickers. Now thats a new term to call it rite. I was wondering was does ttc stands for..Man!! they think of everything!! Any possible celebrations that they or you can think of.. they've got it!

Okok.. maybe i over-react. I know these tickers must have been here for ages and me so slow in getting the news. I cant help but get excited over these little cute stuffs. I discovered it while browing thru my schoolfren's blog. She just got a newborn baby girl too.. Such a cute little baby.

Babies are fun. And they've got cute stuffs to go with them too, dont they? Every stuff u cant even began to imagine, tup tup.. they've got them already. Its just a matter of where to get n how much!!?? Yes, baby stuffs are expansive. Can u imagine her shoes are even more expensive that mummy's shoes!!! N no, u cant just buy one..u need more!! hahaha Where dya stop?

Now, i wanna try n put more tickers in my blog. Hehe.. ticker-crazy now! Wegra, wer ru? Need ur help..