Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting it done

Well, I havent been quite good at updating this blog lately. Everytime I try to update, I will always be doing something else like 1) facebooking 2) surfing other blogs 3) emailing etc Then, by the time I get to log in and want to start writing, either I lost the so-called 'mood' or because I feel that I have been away from posting anything for too long, I felt that I had a LOT to update and that is when I wouldnt know where to start and then will put it off again. Momster had suggested I upload a writer for easier updating which I think I will definitely try soon. But Momster, I may need your help.. hehe

So, today I am determined to upload something and start to just update on Ayska's & Arina's current activities.

We had a fun day at the club last weekend, where we went for a swim. It was Ayska's very first proper swim in the pool. We started quite late, so by the time we were in the pool, the sun was up high and it was almost noon. How I wished I had sun hats for the little ones. We compensated with a little red baby beret for Ayska though..hehe She loved the water so much. Of course, after a few minutes of kicking in the water, she then wanted to eat her float! hehe So, I gave her some toy to distract her (which also went to her mouth too, which you can see in the pic above) :)

Ayska is now 30 weeks old. Her latest milestone at 7.5mons is that she has started to sit on her. She pushed her cute little butt up and practise sitting down by turning sideways. She goes up on all four but hasnt really master the crawling movement. Tho, dont be surprised, she can actually move about on the floor rather quickly.. too quick sometimes that she could get half her body under our coffee table cum tv stand before we realised it.. Typically, she grabs most things within her sight and puts it in her mouth. Started grabbing things with both hands now.

I started her on solids at coming to five months old i think. I have to look at the pic I took to verify the date again hehe She seemed to love everything we give her.. But the ones that she does not like, she will start playing and blowing the food out..

Arina, kakak or kaklong are what she would refer herself nowadays esp to her adik. Quite a chatterbox at times but can be very shy around people. She would sometimes just mouthed her answer when someone asked her something. We brought her to my sister's school play just last week. She was very happy and got excited everytime she saw her aunt performed. But then, she could only lasted probably about 20mins or so before started fidgeting around. Thank God for intermission. There was a point where I had to hold my hand over her mouth (gently laa hehe) to quiet her down because she started humming a song!! It was either that or I skip the show..

Arina plays her role of being a kakak very well but there are times when she would want some attention but I had to attend to the baby first, that is when she will start her tantrum and her 'garang' mode with me. And everything else will be just not right. But I know that during the day, she will entertain her adik when the maid has to go do something in the kitchen and leave them for a bit. I sure do hope she takes care of her baby sister well. Tho, I have caught her a few times pinching her adik and when asked, her reason is 'geram' hehe

After a while, I guess Ayska has adapted to having a big sister who will be a bit rough with her but lovingly I hope.. :D

Wow, I think this is getting a bit too long. I will have to leave it for now. Dont think I will have time to read it through but I will just post this up and amend any error when I come back.

Till then,