Friday, November 21, 2008

Last day of school at her kindy

This pictures above were of her last day and first day of school! What a wonderful year for her. Yeah, they didnt have a school uniform and she only had to walk for about 10 steps to her school which right in front of the house! Hehe

The first picture was of her in her 'ooh ee ooh ahh ahh' costume for her concert that she missed. The school did a mini concert for last day of school. They also played musical chair for games and had some cakes (which she didnt take). She gave lil gifts to her teachers as token too and she looked so grown up doing it :)

We're thinking of changing her school of which this new one is further that the previous and she would have to take a van to go to school and she is kind of looking forward to that too! Let's hope that she'll enjoy the new school as much as she did this one! :D

This last one was a picture of her taken on Parent Teacher Day where her report card was given together with all her other work (artwork, paperwork activities and workbook) given back to us. This was taken while we were waiting for our turn to see the teachers and she was showing me what she was doing with the little toys at the table.

Monday, November 17, 2008

She's going to be a big sister

I have been absent and neglecting this blog though for a long time now. Somewhere in between, I wanted update the blog again and trying to update my lil girl’s ticker as it is already due for almost a year now! Hehe

And I also have a new line of ticker to add too! *wink2*

My little girl is going to be a big sister soon and she is so excited about it! You should see her face everytime she sees my growing belly! Its now all about the baby. Whatever I eat or don’t eat, she will ask “baby likes this?”..”baby don’t like that?” and sometimes she’s the one who will insist on what baby likes and don’t like when it is actually me having to consume the food for the lil one inside me.. hehe

She seems very excited about being the big sister now. Insist that everyone calls her kakak when we, the family, sometimes to tend to call her ‘baby’ in some of our cuddly momenta. Although I have a few people telling me to just be prepare when the baby finally arrives, jealousy from the kakak will still be there. I know it will be the attention that she will be seeking. Just have to be more prepared for that then.

She understands so much now that I cannot carry her anymore. So she seeks Daddy and now even much more manja with Daddy. Even wants to sleep with Daddy or hug Daddy all the time or pull Daddy hand around her or hug Daddy around his neck or play with his ears (she does this with her Tigger, her security teddy). But she and her daddy have their moments too, as he can be stern with her sometimes (just to discipline her) and she would come and report to me then. It was hard for me at first as it is for her to adjust to the whole "mummy cant carry you because there's a baby inside mummy"; with the sad look in her eyes or the tantrum she threw when i insist on not carrying her. I know some mummies still do carry their young ones even when expecting, but my lil girl is not so lil now so i had to do a lot of explainations (with the help from daddy too).

She also now has imaginary friends; if i can call it that. There's no specific name when i pressed her about it. Just someone she talks to in her playphone (its always about giving directions or sth like that) or to the mirror or while playing with her toys. Nothing too obvious or scary , just normal play pretend stuffs so far.

She just recently had her chicken pox and she got it from school. The saddest thing for me was for her not being able to join her school concert! She had it like just a day before the big day. I think i was more upset or frustrated rather, that she is. She was like a grown up accepting the chicken pox that she had and when Daddy told her she cant join her concert, she was only sad for a little while and then continue playing after that. She only had slight fever for the first two days and seemed normal except for the spots. Thought she was restless at night for a few nights because of the itch. I was worried for her and for me at the same time. Googled about it for pregnant women and how it can affect the baby, but so far i have not had any symptoms. So lets just pray it stays that way.

She finally had her last day of school and we were informed that they are going to do a mini concert especially for the kids that didnt get to attend the concert due to the pox (apparently more than 10kids in her school was having it). Of course, Daddy and I insist that we attend the mini little do in her school just to see her perform with her friends and in her concert attire. It was a happy moment for us to see her performing, especially it being the first one for her and for us.

The new baby is new somewhere mid April; which is quite near my own birthday! I would love for the baby to have its own birthdate though I dont mind sharing mine! :) We went for a check up just last week and the baby seemed healthy and everything is in place according to the doctor and we are happy to hear that. Baby is about 8cm and i put on a healthy 5kg from my last checkup! How about that! I do feel I am getting bigger quicker than my first pregnancy. I was even called a penguin already at this stage!! Happy for the baby but not too happy for me (its all about the weight!)

I should continue this again as i feel i can go on and on and on.. haha but another post i guess..

Till then!