Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can i get away...

I had totally forgotten about my training tomorrow. I acted as if tomorrow (or rather this morning) is a holiday and stayed up, played with the little girl (she actually waited for daddy to come back and then only fell asleep) , watched TheBreakUp, drank coffee, surf the net, watch more tv..and its 2am!!

Can i not go to the training tomorrow pleaseeeee?

So desu ne...

I was so stressed with work.
So desu ne.
and today my legs were so lenguh.
So desu ne.
and i came back late because of nihongo benkyo.
So desu ne.

But when i came home, i was greeted with a big, sunny smile and a great everything now is genki desu..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Focus please...

I hate it when people get all tight up and temperamental over petty issues but overlooked the MAJOR issues that really needs to be handled with urgently!! Focus and concentrate la please..concentrate on things that matters MOST!! Because of others, we get the shitload of nonsense! Demn!

**I think i need to get a new blog to let go of my FRUSTRATION!! This blog is too pink and rosy for me to let loose...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The swim...

We brought Arina swimming on Saturday. She loved playing in the water but she was clingy to me half the time...My fault for not bringing her often to swim i guess... But it was so much fun seeing her in the pool...whats with her swimming suit and all hehe

It was Arina, Titi and Tibi (her two aunties) and meself in the pool. No one else was around other than Daddy-o, Nena(my mum) and TheBibiks. So we splashed here, splashed there and even Tibi managed to do a funny stunt and it was just us there...

Arina had refused to sit in the float. The float has got a steering wheel at the front. She only played with it on the ground, but when i put her in when in the water, she yelled and screamed and clinged to me instead. My guess was she has not seen anyone using the float in the water before. Coz i dont remember her having any bad experience with the float before this. So we had Tibi to demonstrate to her!!! Hehe.. A fourteen-year-old in a baby's float!! Hahaha... But even after seeing that, Arina still refused! Oh well, we'll try again next time. I dont mind going to this pool again since there's hardly people around and we can swim ourselves silly!! Hehe

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Croc-in it...

Daddy-o got one during our trip to Spore.

When i first tried it on, i thought, man! it makes my feet looked gigantic..

But then, after seeing him wearing it and trying it again, now i want one!!

Its just so light and comfy...

Actually, i want one for the little girl...hehe

Now do i get for her the pink or the fuchsia ones??! :)

Decisions...decisions...and they dont come cheap..demmit! ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006

About an egg and a T7...

A fellow blogger mentioned to me to write about what happened to my camera... eventhough i am still in a depressed mode just thinking about it..i am gonna let it out now...haha..since i cannot seem to think of anything else to blog about this time around... ;)

Anyways, here's the situation,

No money but still wanna tag along for a holiday in Singapore at a time where Singapore is having the Great Singapore Sale.

We stayed at this very elegant hotel that we got at a very last minute through a relative. Very, very lucky i must say, since all of the hotels that my friend initially tried to book for us were all fully-booked!

Anyway, to cut it short, the morning that we had breakfast at the hotel, my little darling didnt want to eat anything. It was mummy's mistake for giving her a bottle of milk just before we went down for breakfast la.. So to make sure that mummy has something to give to her when she do get hungry, mummy went to take what she thought was a hard boiled egg and put it in her bag!!

Throughout our journey in the mrt to go to orchard road for more shopping, the egg was in mummy's bag without mummy having much thoughts about it. Everything was fine and dandy then.

Not until we got back to the hotel, while passing through the hotel's shopping complex, did i feel something sticky-icky while rummaging through my bag.

Lo and behold, the egg had cracked. And of course, all the kings horses and all the kings men still couldn't put humpty together again!! Haha.. lame i know.. but you can guess whats next... My camera was in there together with the not-so-hard-boiled egg!!

I was hoping that it could be safe somehow but when i send it to the shop and asked for it to be fixed, the shop smsed to me to say that the total damage should be around RM900!!! RM900!!! I could get another camera with that ok!

So there goes my most favourite birthday gift ever! All because of a mere humpity dumpity.. so saddd.... :(

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home alone...

Am off to a wedding of a dear friend later today, before that i thought i might just squeeze in a trip to the optometrist and then go pick up daddy's battery charger for his camera at the shop. Quite ambitious isnt it? Tho i am still at home typing away..
Okok..i'm off soon..
For the first time I am home alone! Little girl went out (already!) to see Tibi perform in the Cheer 2006!!

The tumbletots experience

This was the few photos that Tibi got from the tumbletots trial session that we went the other day...

Had to drag Tibi just coz i wanted some photos there. Yealah..first time for the littlegirl what..So mummy insist on some photos.. to show to daddy-o that we went there and the littlegirl 'had fun'! hehe..

What happened to 'my' camera?? Oh, that's another story altogether and i am still upset about it to even talk or mention abt it here...

Oh it is Tumbletots here she is doing the tumblewumble-ing hehe...

No wonder she was tired and wanted to sit in the stroller after that..

Did i mention she got a sticker too after that??