Saturday, December 30, 2006

Arina is 2!!!

Yeap, that's right! My daughter is now a year older! And it was just 2 years ago that i was in the hospital, in wonderment over the pain-enduring (I don’t remember much about the intensity of it now, but I can imagine the pain!!) fact that I just delivered a baby! A baby that is mine, my very own flesh n blood.

A girl being a girl, she loves pretending to sing birthday song to herself, look in the mirror and imitates mum putting on make-up or brushing hair, looking in the mirror ( a bit vain-potty aint it? Hehe) (I wonder who she follows haha…), carrying handbags, shoes..she loves shoes...

She was so excited about her birthday that two days prior she was already practicing blowing the candles and cutting the cake. Pretending that the tin barney piggy bank that she has as the cake and the one cents coins being placed nicely on top of the tin as the candles!! She insisted I joined in her pretend by singing along with her and clapping hands when finished singing. And this she did and continued for a good 20~30 runs. Ok, I may be exaggerating the numbers but seriously it was many times..And she laughed and smiled happily while doing so. Her own little party show complete with the attendance of her favourite soft toy friends, Tigger and Leo as the other guests, coz they were placed nicely around the tin (cake) also!!

Her birthday dinner was great as it was the first time we tried a brasileno barbeque at this place called H.alia. A must try for those who likes lamb and sausages coz they were yummmy…

Arina of coz was enjoying the crowd more than the meal. She barely had a bite as she was more socializing if not playing with the food. Oh and of coz playing and running about with her cousin. She loves being in a crowd of family. She can go from being moody to a total jovial toddler and will in fact meet and greet each person. Family and familiar faces that is.

By the time the cake arrives, she was in quite a drama mood already. Excited but at the same time overwhelmed with the attention too I guess.. Oh and also the pressure to blow the two candles.. I guess the play pretend coins were much easier hehe… It took a couple of repeated singing of the birthday song before she was done with the second candle. Hehe..What a task eh arina dear!! And then her other favourite part, cutting the cake and distributing them. I think she felt like it was a very big thing to do. She loves handing out plate of cakes to everyone.

I, on the other hand, can’t still get over the fact that she has turned two. Two years old daughter of mine. Wow! Do I now have to start thinking about her school?? 2007 is coming and she will be 3 next year. Do people enroll their children in playgroup yet at three years of age? Technically, she’s two. But by year, say if she has just turned 6, then by calendar year the next few days she would be in Primary 1 already!! Double wow..i cannot imagine that yet. December babies?? What’s your say??

Happy 2007 everyone and i hope it will be good year this 2007. More exciting and more prosperous..hehe HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Car seat story...

Did I mention that my little girl now wants to sit in her designated car seat. Well..i cant say that she wants to but she has to. We are all very delighted but it wasn’t easy. First time, it was just with her dad. She cried halfway. The cute thing is she wants to hold hand ALL the time. Like a couple in a car together. Holding hands. :) I think it makes her feel secure. Wait, I think the first time, she wants her dad to put his hand on her lap. Sounds funny but its so true. Hehe. She was soo used to being held I guess. So she needs the human touch at all times to feel secure.

Anyway, she’s doing much better now. There was a time when daddy-0 was driving a manual car with her next to him. Imagine having to hold her hand and changing gear at the same time. That happened to me over the weekend. Now, I am not that good with a manual car so it was kind of weird having to hold her hand and changing gear at the same time. But then, I told her to hold on tight to t-bear and she did. So all is well now..hehe