Friday, September 29, 2006

My baby, my toddler

My baby girl is now 1 year, 9 months and a day old today...A little toddler in her own rights..

She can climb up and down a chair all by herself..she loves music and dancing..She will even ask you to join her and make noise if you don't ...She makes it a point to put her dirty clothes into the laundry basin (credits must be given to bibik for this..hehe) and also she loves rice and eats veggies (thank God for that.) for now at least..She doesnt like sweet stuffs..
Oh and her favourite snack is KOPOK!! hehe thats keropok for us..i dunno why..seriously she just loves keropok.. Whenever she goes to her grandparents house, she would look for that..and her dear grandparents never fail to have it in stock for her..hehe

When she says "ABC", sometimes it means that she wants to write or color..She can hold a pencil like an adult..If given a block of papers, she wouldn't write on those that had already been scribbled (daddy-o told me this, i have yet to notice it myself).. She can sing her ABC but some letters are still not so audible.. but she will finish the song nonetheless...or maybe do a remix of her twinkle-twinkle and abc ...

She loves to throw all the cushions in the living room on the floor and lay on she would take out the sofacushion and put it on the floor..and bounce on the same time, if she's in the mood for a partner, pull another sofacushion and asked me to join her ...

The demands *sigh*...only parents with children would know...either way you feel bad..If you give in and listen to them, they might be pampered the next time around and ask for more, if you don't, you feel like you are breaking the fun for them...

So, moral of the story: Have a fun house at home for some edutainment activities! Yeap..edutainment is the keyword here.. hahahaha...if only!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh yes oh yes its spring time, its spring time watching too much of the d.isney channel I guess but am still in the familiarizing stage though..there’s too many cartoon, new characters and stuffs. Amazingly, my nephew actually memorize what show would come next and happily anticipate the next show once the current one rolls its credit.

My own little girl now also knows how to demand to watch her favourite channel. She calls out Jojo and brings the remote to you. Obviously everyone around her, whether willingly or unwillingly, obliged. *sigh* and this is only the first stage I guess..I am pretty sure most experienced parents out there have gone through much worse and please don’t tell me to get a second decoder just for her to watch cartoons…


The title should be oh yes oh yes its ramadhan eh..I have that post in the draft for quite sometime now and yet to post it.. Been so busy, whats with the fasting month and all..

Happy Ramadhan to all...

Weg, still waiting for your posts..I am sure others are rooting for you to make a comeback anxiously, kan? kan? ;) ;)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bag and colors...

This is her favourite handbag. She brings this during her playtime in the evening with her neighbourhood friends. Item in the bag: her water bottle ;)

She was really enjoying herself doing coloring with the other kids during our family bowling tourney a few weeks back, she even did some coloring on her socks and even managed to put a little bit more color to her t-shirt!! Thank God the crayon can be washed away (i think hehe). Anyway, this is her first coloring event with crayons. Other than that, i have tried giving her color pencils to scribble on plain papers at home. She'll be at it only for a while. She even had fun making sure all the color pencils were out from the box!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chatterbox angel...

My dear little girl has become quite chatty. She would sometimes just talk; in her own language that is and with seriousness too. If only mummy understands. She would point to things to emphasize on what she was trying to say and sometimes with gestures that i find it hard to understand. So i would just sit and listen and show that i somehow understand. Maybe she just need the attention.. hehe maybe

Nowadays, she also loves to sing and hum to herself. This i notice especially at nite. During the day's activities i am always at work, so her nighttime antics is more significant to me..hehe..But of coz Bibik would always have stories to tell on what she did during the day.. always the funny, amusing ones..

Anyways..eventhough both the parents are quietly dozing off to sleep, she would still be humming and singing her favorites ( twinkle-twinkle, abc song and barney's theme) and she will do her own remixes and add her own rhymes to it. I find myself smiling or grinning to sleep sometimes with her little hums..You will know WHEN she will finally dozed off because that is when the room is all quiet...!! hihi

I am thinking of enrolling her to a music school...for her to have fun with music and for socializing too.. Have found a school or rather know abt a school bcoz i have yet to find the exact location!! Thats one of the reason i have not enrol her in the tumblethingy or gymthingy... Ok..maybe by end of this month or sth, i will have some progress.. hihi..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

September pagi ini

Am just lazing around and contemplating whether to shower first or bath the little one first. I know there will definitely be a wrestle with her because she just love playing with water. Dont they all??! Not till Bibik come and called out to her would she drop everything. She has a little stool and pail to play with in the shower actually :)

She is ok with taking a bath or a shower. She doesnt mind shampooing her hair and have water running down her head and would close her eyes and wipe her own face. There is always the occasional shriek and stuff but otherwise she is way ok with it.

The thing she dont like is when you tie her hair up. You will only get to see that for a minute or two and thats it. Haha..Looks like i wont be going to the shops and buy cute little ribbons and bands to tie her hair with for some time. You can get carried away with those cute little stuffs at the shop y'know...oh well..

We will be going to a relative's birthday party later on. Its a pool party but Arina wont be going into the pool this time around...Pictures will come later.. Oh ya..and the redang trip too..Will post that one in real soon..Cant seem to do it from this particular laptop..dunno why..It'll show that it is done, but at the end there'll be no pictures whatsoever..Need an expert around here for that..I will try again later..TOodledoo..

Friday, September 01, 2006

Never Drink Coffee After Five

was what i learned from my auntie over the as not to spoil your sleep and the day after's mood. Though i still (purposely) drink a cup, not two..

I was never a coffee drinker until of late..well ok i actually started about 4 years back i think. It was the nescafe ice and the occasional latte or mocha that caught me. When i got pregnant, i stopped and only until recently that i am back on it. But then again, i cannot take it day in day out, day after day. Two days straight max. That's it. One cup more and its funny, heavy head i will have the whole day. I had a cup just then and i guess thats why i am up all alone now. My two 'babies' are happily in lalaland. And i'm here listening to repeats of dealova and neverleaveyourheartalone. dealova really makes you sway. literally. kan??
Went to a house warming bbq of a friend and a princessy 2yrold bday party with the little dearest and TiBi yesterday. Daddy-o had to work and was not back till late. We only had half day together for Merdeka.
Merdeka eve was similar to other days after work for moi this time. Daddy-o wanted to bring the little one to see fireworks but she just recovered from bouts of flu and i didnt wanna bring her out too late at nite just yet. Just yet?? .. Am i planning to bring her to late nite outs?? Hahaha yeah rite..
This week was another round of peaceful-sleep depreviation. My little one kept waking me up with her cries. She was really not feeling well. Sometimes she just wanted to be held, or wanted milk, wanted to be consoled, or rocked to sleep again, or uncomfortable and irritated with her flu and fever. Its one or the other. And it is not easy for her i know or for me either; just to understand why and what was making her cry. She's recovered and that's the most important thing in the whole wide world.
On a different note, i miss watching grey's anatomy. Was at the cd shop just then and saw they had season 1 AND season 2!!!! Demn! really felt like grabbing them. Oh..i have been so wayyyyyyyy behind with movies and stuff. Ask me when was the last time i watched a movie at the cinema or even a dvd at home and i wont be able to tell. Has it been that long? Oh, does channel 40 etc counts?? :P