Monday, March 20, 2006

Ohh me Ohh my

Oh meee oh myyy I have not been here for ages…I have been sooo busy that I did not even have the time to drop by my own blog. busy can a person get? Isnt 24 hours a day enough for anybody to do things, to complete tasks etc..I have not had the time to do anything for my personal self other than sleep!! Haha. However, I still managed to at least have quality TLC with my dear angel (or at least I hope I did.) Though at times when hubby is at home, I rely a lot on him to be the doting daddy.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to write as I am actually waiting for my ride back home. So I think I’d better write this weeks’ updates quick.

1) Am going to the kedai kain to buy kain for curtains. For the first time in my life!
2) Have to look for boxes for packing purposes. Not the first time for me though ;)
3) Got to arrange transport and people for transporting things. First time for own stuff..(any volunteers out there?) :)
4) Got company’s family day and a relative’s cukur jambul kenduri on the same day. Can I manage to go to both?? *me scratching head here already*
5) Finally, MOVING arrangements this weekend!!

I am excited. Who wouldn’t be right? But I am anxious too. Wish me luck people!!