Thursday, January 25, 2007

La vida loca

These past weeks have been crazy as hell! Headaches, stress, busybees, excitement all bundled into one. I am a mess. I hardly spent time with my girl and daddy-o too..I do hope that that will change as quickly as possible...

I did have time however to bloghopped a few times in my not so free time to free the mind a bit and all I see are all about motownphillyness. So the jelesss..Go have fun you guys.. scream your lungs out and do the Mexican wave with Motown feel for me kay..

I think i am now officially having migraine..tho i have yet to go to the doctor to verify this but seriously all the symptoms shows that..this i know when i consulted with a fellow collegue who knows what she has IS a migraine..Now, the question is, if it is true, how to avoid it? Can it be cure? Can you not have it at all after this? It does relate to stress rite? To tell you the truth, i have not done my homework yet, i have not googled it..Maybe after this..if i have time that is..

Anyway..toodles for to get back to reality

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a FAIRY's tale

"And i thought no one saw me :P"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nenna's birthday...

Tedaaa!! Its a teddy bear..!!
(or what she would say.."tedaa...tebbear")

Monday, January 15, 2007

Photos from before...

Jakarta trip somewhere before Christmas 2006. She had fun. There's a story behind that bag. She carried it to wherever we go in Jakarta. Literally. Tokbah got it for her on the first day of our arrival, so went everywhere we went. And she insisted on carrying or pulling it herself. What's inside the bag you might ask? Just her tigger and sometimes her bottle of water or a nappy. ;) I so miss teh.botol. Hehe

Manic Monday

Its actually a veryyy slow Monday for me. And quiet too. Finished an audit exercise last week. Oh it was hell. I mean..i was at the office more than i was at home in total i guess.. I cannot remember seeing my little girl at home awake for most nites. Anyhow, it had to be done and i am glad it is over. I can barely do anything except looking at and preparing documents needed for the audit that time. So that was last week..

Today is Monday. And like almost all Mondays (except for last week), things are very slow. Even the number people in the office is down. And it is funnily, very quiet. It is further emphasized by the fact that i just had my lunch. The eyes is funnily, very heavy too.. Haha

Oh no!

Just got called for a meeting..

What can i do to hold my eyes open at all times? Oh and i hope no one know how contagious that is..

Will come back quickly. I hope. Probably i can put some pictures in later. Cya