Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Funny faces...

I leave them together and this is what they taught her...

Monday, August 07, 2006

i need more sundays..

Can 2moro (or rather 2day coz its 12.51am now) be another sunday?

I am sleepy but I'm hungry..feel like having a burger..but i think i'd better sleep laa.. Am driving the yellow one 2moro so i dont wanna be caught in the jam!!

Please make me wake up early and not be lazy n sleepy-ish 2moro...(haha..only in my dreams i think)

What I did 2day:-
-visited my in laws
-go to mid valley (not with the little one) (my first time this year i think hihi)
-go to pasar malam
-go to tesco

but then now i am offically VERY VERY HUNGRY...i hate going to sleep on a very empty tummy...(we forgot the bread as usual!!) hmm looks like i am doing just that..

good nite!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My sunshine...

i need a holiday!!!

I guess i have been blowing the horns about this to a few people. Yup, to u Daddy-o!!

I guess i deserved it after almost 7 full months of work, work, work and no play. Hehe..do i really have to justify myself here??

Woops i forgot the Jakarta in January trip.. well, almost. That was a bit not very fullfiling to me, since it was all rushing2 for me..imagine having to take care of a little baby who is soo used to home-cooked meal and suddenly find herself having to eat cereal from the box!! Plus what does shopping means to a one-year-old anyway??!! And daddy-o wasnt around then too...
Though i did have a great time with the rest of the family...Just dont mentioned about the airasia ride k. Did i mentioned the word "DELAYED" in the last sentence???!!

Anyway, TiBi wants to go to any resort by the beach. Nak itot peaasee!! Hehe..any type of holiday will do, but a beach holiday i cant wait!

Miss orjinizer Wegra dear, where should we plan to go ni??

Daddy-o, care to comment?? hehe

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Taihen omoshiroi desu..

Hehe..just felt like showing off my nihongo..

I had oral test for my japanese language yesterday..It was soo cute. Hahaha..am not calling myself cute ok! Its the whole situation..

First, the sensei brought out her little pieces of paper with names of the students. She picked the names (macam lucky draw). First name she called out the person was not in the class yet. Second name she called out was ME!!! I laughed and she laughed..When we sat down together at a little corner for the test, we giggled2 first before we start.. Funny laa. ThankGod i managed to answer all laa..right or wrong i dont know laa but she nodded most of the time, so i guess ok la kot.. ;)

At the end of the class (yesterday would be the 2nd last class) we gave sensei a purezento. She was soo happy..you have to be there to witness it. I've never seen anyone more excited than anything else, her shouting in her excitement/happiness were so loud.. We were really touched by her reaction (quite surprised actually hihi). And it was just a simple baju kurung we gave. We asked her to wear it this Friday (our last class). So we wait and see ok... :)
We also have exam that last day. I have not done any revision. Takut ni. And we MUST write the answer in hiragana..Wish me luck people..hihi ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Titi, we miss you already...

Titi had flew back to start her new semester on Sunday evening.
She insisted that everyone send her off at the airport.

Of course Arina had a blast. She played at the big aeroplane playground, climbing up the stairs and taking her first flight down the slides on her own for the very first time. Of course mummy was forever worried and anxious but somehow just had to let go and see how she fare. TokBah was the one who was excited about bringing her there. Even went on the slides with her the first few rounds, making her at ease with herself before letting her go. Hehe...

As she was about to take the first few steps on her own up the big 'aeroplane', she kept glancing back at us..Waiting for the nod of approval i think.

After she came sliding down, she will come to Tibi and TokBah for a highfive!

I think we were the only ones there cheering for a little kid coming down the slides. I guess i was the only one overly anxious and was biting my lips (almost) all the time. There were other big kids around and i guess i was scared that the little girl might get toppled or pushed.. (Cant help it..) But instead, she got a pat and a pinch on the cheek and an extra hand of help... :)

When it was time for Titi to go in, Arina wanted to follow and even scolded the guard for stopping her..(yes, my little girl is a tiny bit 'garang' hehe)

Take care and c u soon Titi!