Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Her Shoes

Did i mention i watched "In her shoes" over last weekend? On that lazy saturday, i managed to cover back my sleep. Ahhh..what a bliss. Me woke up at 12 sth i think. Which is something that i have not done in a long, long time..Anyway, i woke up, had shower, went downstairs for a bite and lepak with my little girl. It was a slow and lazy, lazy day indeed.

Ok. Where was i? Oh, "in her shoes". Well, since it was just us three sisters (plus one daughter) my youngest sister, TiBi, chose that. Kononnye to fit the theme sister2 la. Suddenly my 2nd sister wanted out. She said she bought the cd coz she wants to save it to see in Australia. She was scared of being bored with nothing to do there. I cant imagine not having anything to do while i was studying there long time ago. Anyway, so it was just me n Tibi and of coz my daughter. By the way, my little angel doesnt watch tv just yet (thank god!) she just glanced thru once in a while. Probably just when they play catchy song will she look at the tv or maybe a catchy ad.

Ok. Back to story. What i want to especially mention here is actually the poems from the movie. There were two. The first one is a lovely poem to me. And somehow after a few paragraphs, even with Cameron D. reading it rather slowly, i somehow thought to myself..'where have i heard it before?' like somehow it sounded familiar..After a while i remembered it was from
Nadio's blog. She had posted the poem and i had read it then. Its called One Art by Angela Bishop. Very lovely indeed.

Cameron D. recites another poem at the end of the show. Which was wonderful as well. It was by e.e cummings. I will post it when i find it later yah. Both poems in the movie was quite emotional to me. Berlinanglah airmataku. Yes, i watch "In her shoes' and shed a few tear or two. Quite touching. Hehe

Monday, January 23, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

Saw it with the family on Sunday, though hubby was not in town. :( The first screening on Sunday at 11.45pm, ok! And little angel was left at home. I feel guilty about leaving her, but then again, she wont enjoy it and would be restless about keeping still in a dark and in a loud place rite? (mummy-o trying to make herself feel better)

Anyway, the movie is lovely. Felt in love with Sayuri and Mameha character instantly. (well ok, maybe The Chairman is not bad also) :) The cinematography is very beautiful. There are also some funny bits and also sad. I find the Mother character quite funny, funnily garang. But I find that the sadness portrayed in the movie was not profound. I mean I am sad that Chiyo was taken away from the family and her way of life after that and the pain she felt. But then again, it makes me wonder, what if she wasn’t taken at all and lived with her family? It’s a pity it does not say what happened to her sister after she ran away. Whatever it is, I think even if you expect more, the last line of the movie best summarize whatever expectations you might have. Good ending lines.

What I admire most though is perhaps Sayuri’s determination. I feel that I wanna read the book. I used to be persistent about reading its book before watching the movie first J Now not that ‘dah tak kisah’, I know reading a book first is soo much better, because you’ll get to concoct your own imaginary things with the words from the book, and watching the movie after will always tend to disappoint you a tad little. Oh well, let see if I do ever get to go around reading (or getting to buy :)) the book if at all. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Name these princesses

These are the Disney princesses that are currently everywhere. The merchandising people really know how to market their stuffs. They are everywhere and are basically on every single imaginable thing that you can think of. In this case, not the Angel goes goo-goo-gaa-gaa over them, its Mummy-o!!

The task for today is: Name all these princesses. Plus give your favourite. Hehe!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Today for the first time, my baby had to use the nebulizer because apparently her phlegm had thickens and she is very irritated with that. She is having a bad cough with fever. And i feel soo kesian just to see her cough and i feel so helpless because I cant help her in any way except hug her. I tried to soothe her and comfort her but i guess the cough is really making her feel miserable. WHich makes me feel even more helpless.

At 2am two nites ago, despite coughing and crying, in between that she still manage to tease her nenna by pressing a toy keyboard with her toes which makes her nenna terkejut. She managed a little smile once in a while.

Though she is like that, during the day, she is still as active and would play n play with her toys in the avroom-cum-playroom. Tho she tires easily when she coughs.

I pray to God that she gets well and better soon.

-Worried and zombied mommy-o

Definition: Nebulizer
A nebulizer is an electrically powered machine that turns liquid medication into a mist so that it can be breathed directly into the lungs through a face mask or mouthpiece.

Got it from

Thursday, January 05, 2006

sabar je..

We went to mppj to pay assessment fee that is overdue. So there we were at 12.45pm, there was a paper on the number machine saying it is shut down from 1pm-130pm. We wanted to get a number, came this lady barging towards the machine and made sure that the paper was sticking nicely on the machine and said to us "sorry dah tutup"

What the..??

It was 12.45pm!

Sabar je laa.

Came back at 1.35, there was a long queue waiting to get their number!

1.45pm, then only number was being released.

Sabar je laa..

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This is the life

I had used this as the title of this blog. Its actually a song that i had came across during my uni or is it much prior to that. Anyhow, i dont really remember exactly when now. I think it must have been from a movie..but i have searched high and low (well maybe not high enough) and still have not found this song anywhere.

The song goes:

This is the life
Everyone has to be somewhere
I am here
This is the dream
A dream is *blank* *blank*
Of dream
And it only gets harder
(<---this part not sure)
How'd life gets so seriuos
This is the life
This is my life

Anyone heard the song before?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Little angel's birthday

My little angel is now ONE YEAR OLD!

We did a little bbq dinner for immediate family just to celebrate it on her birthday exactly. Since its a weekday,we did it during dinner. She was a bit cranky during dinner, not wanting to smile nor respond much to any of us (she didnt get enough sleep during the day). Not even when we took out the cake and sang happy birthday to her. Not until she opened her first present. Hehe. By the second one, she was imitating us, making that oohs and aahs and the surprised n excited look. She was getting excited n didnt know which present to play with first. It was her first experience tearing up the wrapper n boy! did she had fun. (well mummy-o did most of it for her) but she was VERY excited.

She didnt sleep until about the same time as we did that nite. Probably at about two or so.

We didnt have a bbq for such a long time. Tokba got the bbq pit specifically for the first cucu's first birthday dinner. I love the bbq lamb cutlet that we had that nite. My brother had marinated it the nite before. It was yummy. We even managed to get fresh rosemary. Makes it more yummy(now i'm hungry!!!) Wished there were more time to enjoy more. Oklaa.. the credit has to go to my hubby too for being the head chef at the bbq pit that nite. ;)

Now we're in the middle of preparing her birthday party. And the theme is 'PINK PRINCESS PARTY'(trust me to come up with a very girly theme! cant help it laa) Thank god i had my sis to help me with the invite. This is what she got off the internet. Having quite a headache organising it but anyhow cant wait for this saturday. Cu guys there!