Friday, June 23, 2006

First sentence...

Little angel's first sentence though not complete, just a joint of two words is...


(which she will say if daddy-o is downstairs and she is climbing up the staircase to go upstairs.. hehe)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Babygym and such...

Last Saturday i went around looking at potential babygym for little angel. There were two in OU. At least that's what i found anyways. And i really wanted to give it a try. I had read about Tumbletots through my oldschool yahoogroup and thought i would give it a try...with my daughter of course. :P
I tried coming in Sunday morning to check it out and see whether we can join in for the trial session that morning and we did. Of course the minute i went in, i immediately saw this very familar face. It was none other than my senior from school aka the owner too...
It was fun! At first my little girl was a bit overwhelmed by the activities around. She was even a bit shy2 when we put her at one of things to try..She was smiling shyly while trying to climb up the steps. At another activity stuff, she was reluctant at first to start to climb, not until she saw another kid did it. Then she was happily trying it out. I was told by one of the staff that kids that age would copy others and will only feel comfortable after some minutes of familiarisation. She didnt want to try to go into the tunnel-like thing. Only peeped in and played boo with me at the other end. Hehe...
During the singing she was okay. But when they introduces things like a balloon to play with for a minute or two (for hand coordination purpose i think) she didnt want to give it back. Oh wait, she did gave it back, but she wanted it back again soon after.. Hehe...
All in all, i think it was great to see her doing the activities.. And it was quite an experince for me too. It was also good for her to learn a few social skills i think.
The session lasted for 45 mins. I had a chat with the owner. Oh, also there was another senior who sent her two kids there too..
After that, when TiBi put her on the stroller, to my surprise , she didnt wrestled away. Maybe that 45mins was really more than enough for a little kid like her.. Hehe..
Ooh there's pictures too. The owner told me, so long as i dont go selling the pictures and making money of it, she's fine with it. But i guess its only during the trials that you'll be excited about taking pictures and stuff. (Pics are all with Tibi so i will post it later maybe...)
Oh, did i mention that they sing cute little songs during the sing and act sessions?? So adorable..
And apparently, Nina's cuz and SIL were part-timing there too... :D

Monday, June 19, 2006

A word or two…

My dear little daughter is today 1.5++ month old. She has utter quite a handful of familiar words and it’s just so much fun and exciting to hear her say those words. Some are very clear, some are a bit pelat… but mind u, by ‘some’ I mean only a word or two…or three perhaps. But, sad to say, the word ‘MUMMY’ is still verbally-nonexistent for her.. She would only go as far as ‘MAM’ OR ‘MA’… When she says ‘mam’ she can also mean she wants to eat or she wants her milk.. so…I guess I’ll just have to be more patience and wait laa..

Let me see.. The words are:-
- dad
- dadad
- bah
- na
- bye
- babai

The current new words are:-
- two (when u say let’s count: Oneeeeee… and she goes twooooooo…) and then she goes yeay! after we finish counting to ten
- bak (I would say this when I want to ask something from her, but she’s doing it the opposite way, when she wants to give me something she says Bak) (Now I wonder why in the world do I say Bak if at all to her ….)
- tok2 (my father-in-law)
- bird ( more like ‘ber’)
- kaka (kakak laa)