Monday, November 12, 2007

Confession of a guilty mummy

This happened about two weeks back. I was in a rush to send over some food to a friend's place for a potluck gathering later on and go to another open house in between. We were in the car together and my daughter was sitting in front with her daddy.

We didnt use her car seat this time. So she was strapped using the conventional seat belt.

Then, when daddy went out of the car to send the first pot of food; i absently followed taking the 2nd plate.

I remembered that i didnt actually shut the back door hard. I know it was slightly ajar but i didnt know that it clicked and sort of locked .

Then when i turned back to look at the car, I saw Arina at the driver seat(!) and I just knew then that something was wrong.

She had actually managed to lock the door and since its central locking so you guessed it.

I can hardly describe how i was feeling then. When she looked at us and from our look, she must have sense that something was wrong and when she tried to unlock, she was already scared (i think) and didnt managed to.

I was scared out of my wits then. I didnt know what to do, how to think... Then when my sister called saying she was just leaving the house, and i remembered about the spare key.

Meanwhile, daddy-0 and i tried to ask her to wind down the window. She looked scared then so i guess she really didnt know or barely could hear what we asked her to do.

I was scared. Everyone around tried to help. My friend was already looking for a locksmith for us. I, on the other hand, was almost breaking down already.

At the end of it, we managed to get the spare key. And she was fine. Tired and sleepy but fine. And that was all that matters then.

This was a really bad incident for me and for her. I felt really bad til today.

Oh and please dont tell my mum!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

our raya...

I wanted so much to write and post about my little girl second raya celebration but I dont have any photos with me. Its all in the other pc.

And I dont think we took that many photos; partly because noon onwards she was being a bit cranky and all from not enough sleep. Imagine this, she slept around 1am the night before, yes, she sleeps when we sleeps, and had to be woken up at 7am.

What i remember the most out of our raya week holiday is her haircut and our 2nd day raya short trip to JB (just the two of us!). We did have a long, long day that day. And we took three modes of transport altogether and i guess that was the exciting part (for her at least!)

But the best part of all, she was well behaved of which i am still amazed and that she was actually enjoying herself throughout the trip.

Firstly, we had to go to the airport to send her grandparents off for a trip overseas. We waited for daddy there; and then it was time for him to send us off next. During take off to Senai Airport, she was all excited; complete with Little Eistein's pat, pat, pat and blast off action. And then, she was singing non-stop and talked non-stop. She had her milk and was even thrilled when they serve her all time favorite - the peanuts in the beige packets. She didnt even sleep a wink. Though the faithful Tigger was with her all the time. (Tigger had to be taken in and out of the bag a lot of times during this trip)

And then, we had to take a bus to JB town. She looked happy when she saw that we were taking the bus. And when on board the bus, she asked for Tigger again and had some water. Other than that, she was pretty happy, singing and doing her own stuff. We did take some photos of ourselves together.

Maybe she knows that she had to behave because there was no one else to pay attention if she was being mischievous and she spared mummy some anxiety attack if she did throw a tantrum or two.

As soon as we got to the hotel, we had to get ready to go to an uncle's home for a raya gathering of the families. Over there, she got to play with all my junior cousins. But everyone commented that she was a 'good girl' because she sat 'quietly' next to me most of the time. I guess the travelling part that day did tire her but she still refuse to go to sleep and kept watching the other kids playing. Oh and she did participated when they were playing bunga api!

During our trip back the next day (this time we went in a car) she slept the whole way through.

And so i guess, though it wasnt much of a raya celebration to some may be, but that was what i remembered the most significant this raya for my lil girl (oh, but of course getting duit raya is significant too all the time ! haha)...