Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of a new look...

Just trying out a new one for a change.

On a different note, my little girl is now exactly 2 years and a half today.

Been meaning to update on her new milestone.

Looks like it has to be another post.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Of a busy week...

Had stop for a bit coz it had been a crazy week or two.

For one, my little girl was down with a really bad throat infection. She had fever for two days and for those time would hardly eat or even drink! I was worried sick!! Just seeing her so weak and not in the mood for anything except for asking mummy to carry her. All the time! She wanted me to hold/carry her and carry and hold her i did. She wouldnt let me sit and only wants to be 'ahcarry'. Her lingo for asking to carry her.

She's ok now. So that's a big relief! It was really hard seeing her wanting to eat but not able to, she would even push the water bottle away after just a sip while screaming 'sakit'!

It is not something that i would wanna go through again.

Feeling helpless, not being able to help.

Now, she's back to her usual antics.

Workwise has been crazy. Hopefully it will not be a crazy weekend.

Have a good one people! Eat well in this weather...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dadad's day

Father's day is coming and i almost bought a father's day card instead of a birthday card yesterday because today is actually daddy-0's birthday.
So happy birthday dearest.
May Allah bless you always.

My little girl would surely be happy tonight.
She love to sing the birthday song.
She will sing the full song at the top of her voice, full of expression.
Tho she was quite shy when it was her own birthday,
with her own birthday cake at her
own birthday party earlier this year.
However, she can also put in her own words into the birthday song,
choose who she wants to sing it for, do her own re-mix while pretending to hold a make-believe cake!
Today she can yet again do the real thing. I am pretty sure she'll be
the happiest, other than daddy-0 of course.