Friday, March 21, 2008

her first little live concert ;)

like as if she was really enjoying it, but mummy had to carry her ..

She sang very well, got the voice...

As usual, making faces to the camera, i didnt manage to get a proper face at all :(

She was excited about going out simply because we were going out. It was a Friday night and a last minute thing. I really thought we wud be staying in that nite since Daddy-o wasnt around. But when my sister said colbie was going to be singing at the curve and its outdoor and its free, and so i rushed home.

There, the little girl was very excited but was clinging to me most of the time near the crowd because yeah, it was crowded (well, we were quite ambitious initially, coz we wanted to see colbie nearer). But later, we went to the cafe nearby and still got to see her sing. I didnt really want to get too near the mega speaker also. And luckily she was in a good mood. She even dance to the music at one point (when i had enough of carryin her and put her stand on a chair instead). It was a nice little mini concert, for her and me too. :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dont you forget about me... ;)

Oh i got so hyped up watching A.I last nite and i cant help feeling excited listening to that i watched it twice over at My favourite is of coz Michael Johns. I kinda have a soft spot for him maybe coz he's from Perth and all hehe.. But his performance is great, no doubt! And another contestant that i like (which i just notice from yesterday's performance) is David Cooks, was so surprised and thrilled to see his performance of lionel ritchie's hello. And the kid, David Archuleta, i like, but his performance has been almost the same, i mean he sings almost the same, slow song. Hernandez can sing, but was he really a stripper before?!

I wanted to upload some photos i took from my camera over the weekends etc but i somehow brought the wrong cable; i actually took the time to unpick the wrong cable from daddy-o organized cable links.. hehe sorry dad!

And since last post was about a visit to Perth Zoo, now am looking forward to bring the little girl to Spore Zoo as i heard its a great zoo to visit too. Now; when can we find the time?!

Oh and i want so much to post on my little girl's update.
Here's that:
She has been in school for a full 2 months now and has come back with few songs that even i am unfamiliar with. So at least she's gettin sth out of it. Her favourite thing to do now is to stand on a chair and sing on top of her lungs; sometimes i cant make out what she's singing too (its our very own live entertainment during our dinner! haha). And she loves painting, either at school or when at home, she will pester and pester (for water for the paint) while she got her paper, watercolour and brush ready on her small table. Sometimes, she would want to tell you of what she did in school and sometimes dont; depending on her mood. Her vocab has grown and she surprises us each and everytime with a few of her quick remarks! and me and daddy-o will just looked at each other, amused and bemused! hehe