Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Avatar Moi

dadad thinks its exactly moi! hehehe

Thursday, July 26, 2007

a new addition...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The things she love...

1) She loves swimming! Everyday she will ask abt going swimming, she will be jumping with joy the minute she sees a swimming pool. Or she would show how she swims. Paddle, paddle (while leaning on a sofa and paddling her two feet) and doing arm strokes and blowing bubbles (coz daddy was trying to teach her to put her face into the water!)

2) She loves ice cream. The minute we drive into a petrol station, she goes "Nak ice-cream!" and cries when we say no. You should see the way she eat the soft serve ice cream, my god.. hehe

3) She loves ikea! We will pass ikea whenever we go to either grandparents places from home. So everytime we pass it, she will say "Nak ikea!" and when we say we're not going there, she will pull a sad face :( But when we tell her that we're going there, she'll be so excited and her face will lit up immediately. And in ikea, my god, that is a big playground for her. Pretending to sleep in the little bed, going up the slides, play with the little toys scattered around ikea. Even made the teddy bears go down the slides with her!

And last night, she saw where they were selling the ice-cream before we got into ikea. So everytime she wont budge from any of our stops, we will offer her ice-cream!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weg's Tag

Wegra had tagged me, she even left a comment just to say that i have been tagged. (gee thanks wegz hehe). Apparently, for each meme done, a total of RM 127 will be contributed to Darul Izzah Orphanage, Bangi. The tag was started by Idham and passed over to fellow bloggers.

Well anyway, here's mine.

1) A person is only as good as it gets..hehe. No laa, it would depends on the inside and out.

2) Friendship is to cherish one another

3) To love is to trust and respect

4) Money makes me excited

5) I miss having zero problems

6) My way of saying I care is by giving my best to cheer/help the person in time of need

7) I try to spread love and happiness by doing what I think is right

8) Pick the flowers when there are flowers to be picked (?!)

9) To love someone is give your all/best

10) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (?!)

11) When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was getting into a boarding school and trying not to make others hear me cry at night. Homesick ok?! Haha

12) When i was twenty one, what I remember the most was turning forever 21! :P

13) I am most happy when I am with my loved ones and when I get to ‘manje2’ with my little angel and hear her laughter

14) Nothing makes me happier when I feel love all around me

15) If I can change one thing, I will change my hair (?!) hehe

16) If smiles were money then I will go shopping with my smiles!! Haha (that’s easy and a bliss isnt it?!)

17) Wouldn't it be nice if everything doesn’t cost money; if only we can pay with smiles..yeah rite!!

18) If you want to French me, I Spanish ya!

19) Money is not everything though you always need money

20) The most touching moments I have experienced is when I became a wife and when I saw my daughter for the very first time and the warm look hubby gave me then.

21) I smile when I see people smile or when I think of the funny little things the little girl did or the way she sings…

22) When I am happy, I eat.

23) If only I don't have to work to earn, but work for the fun of working

24) The best thing I did yesterday was taking photos of arina swimming and seeing how much fun she had (thought it wasn’t funny at all when I literally had to struggle with her when we bring her out of the pool…)

25) If I ever write a book, I will give it this title “yummy mummy trying to be yummy" haha

26) One thing I must do before I die is do everything I dream of doing..

27) Doing the meme, I feel like i have just done something charitable ( i hope! hehe).

Ok. That's that. Now, guys, feel free to have a go at this meme but let me tag a few people namely nins, ziah and etyanna.

Have fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


A good friend of mine from school used to call me a papparazi. I used to take out the camera on every outing that we had. Even for a small meeting, just catching up. Even for one or two shots. At that time, i was still using the film and then the APS, so each shot was precious. Then i lost each camera, one by one. Even my first digital i managed to 'lose' it after some absent-minded thing that i did. Hehe

Anyway, last weekend, after being so resistant towards not owning or holding or carrying-it-everywhere-i-go, i finally made the decision to get one. And now you can see my beaming (macam la menang lottery eh!) smile every chance i get to click click! Hehe. My official model is only 2 years and six months old! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cause i got you...

The weekend was great. Though i wished today is still Sunday. Why oh why do weekends passed by so quickly?! And today, a manic monday, time is very slow indeed.

Had a great time meeting up with a dear friend who had been away with her family together with some friends . Her little Imran is just soo adorable. You keep wanting to hold him, coz he's just too cute! :)

We also had a fun and funny(!) karaoke session with my cousin and his soon-to-be bride and a birthday dinner for my brother over the weekend. If you have not tried the ribs at Tony Roma's, then you should!

My lil girl had another session of blowing the birthday candles (yet again!). And we were entertained by her miming to the music and she followed through the whole song, complete with face expression and all. And, get this, she was actually singing to akon's "dont matter" with the music playing in the background of course!!

Cant wait for another entertaining weekend. :( Its only Monday and i am thinking of the weekend already...Ooh, got my cousin's wedding this Friday, yeah, so my weekend is actually a day nearer..haha. I am pathetic ey! I love my weekends, cant help that! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

my latest lellow little parrot

i have been meaning to update on my lil girl latest stuffs that she is into and new things that she does such as

she can sleep without us tucking her in (means no tepuk2 or hugging) at times. other times, she would ask to hold her hand (only mummy, with daddy 'taknak') the fingers-intertwined-style. or sometimes just tepuk2. and sometimes, nak 'picit kaki'! of course with a just tiny bit of pressure..anyway, this is only when she is really restless and cant go to sleep. Thats why sometimes i would make sure that she is really sleepy before putting her to bed. Other times, its me who's more sleepy that she is. That brings about the reason why she sleeps in and wakes up late i guess, mummy is part to blame for wanting that extra playtime with her or rather just plain lazy to struggle with her for putting her to sleep early. :)

1 bottle of milk in the morning. Brunch would be rice with lauk. Then milk again. Then rice again (i seriously dont know which comes first actually, since i am not a home with her! hehe). She takes dinner early, usually taken whilst walking and playing around the neighbourhood. Then around 8pm, another bottle of milk and the last one would be before going to sleep. I really dont know how to start her on a proper breakfast pattern. Like food other than rice. Oh and after all that, the pattern obviously changed during weekends, simply because there's no routine and activities varies according to mummy's or daddy's prefered activity of the day. :D

loves dancing and singing. she would dance and sing along to disney's channel shows. out of the box's ending is one of her favourite tune, jojo's dancing, and of course that group that the name escapes me at the moment and noddy too of course. Anyway, she loves music and would 'move and groove' to whatever suits her mood then.
She's also into puzzle and now those wooden blocks. She's into building houses and tall towers. And if she's not in the mood, would easily get angry when the tower tumbles and start throwing things around.
Whenever she wants to write/draw/colour something on a paper, she would say 'nak colour'. Her colors now are blue and 'lellow', i guess the 'y' is a bit of a mouthful at the moment. And her shapes are triangle and circle.

I know this is out of the topic but isnt elliot yamin's voice so 'lemak'? hehe

Oh did i mentioned that she's also a quite a 'parrot' nowadays? So now mummy and daddy have to be extra careful with our words...