Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy 1st birthday lil sunshine!!

 (sorry! hehe the pic should read I'm ONE! I kidnapped this photo from Daddy's FB *peace*)

omg! I feel so bad i miss posting this yesterday!

We had a great time celebrating with the family a day before (coz Daddy-o was working that night on her birthday)..

She was feeling under the weather and thus was a bit cranky that night. She got a slight flu after we came back from our Kuching trip and so, any slight mistake (or rather, when she didnt get what she wants) or when we try to wipe her runny nose (it was very messy), she'll show her tantrum!

But it was such a surprise for us all, when we took out the cake and start singing the birthday song, it was like she knew it was meant for her and i guess she saw all the attention on her, and immediately her mood changed!!

She was smiling and DANCING!! yeah, bouncing up and down to her birthday song and swaying left and right, like really enjoying the moment! And the adults around her was so excited that I think we sang a total of more than TEN times around just for her!! :D

Of course, the cousins and her big sister helped to blow the candle for her..but she was so HAPPY nonetheless.. She even had fun cutting the cake, first with the help of her sister, then of course, she would not let go of the plastic knife!! almost butchering the cake! But it is her birthday cake, so she got to do what she wants with it!!

It was really a wonderful moment to witness that! Well, not the making a mess of the birthday cake, but just to see how she has grown over the ONE year and her enjoying the moment and especially celebrating it with our loved ones around her!

I really am thankful that the whole family was there to make it extra special for her.

I can't find that many words to describe the feeling of seeing her grow and that now, she is already one year old! How time flies so quickly, it was as if yesterday we were heading for our check up and found out that day was the day that she would be borne! Wound that up to a year later and that now, she is there, standing and laughing and running in front of us! Our little precious Ayska, our little sunshine and pride and joy!

Mummy and Daddy and Kakak Arina loves you dear darling! We want only the best for you! Happy First Birthday! Muahh!


Blogger The Momster said...

I LOVE that picture of Ayska!! Did you take a video of her dancing to her birthday song? I want to see! :D

2:22 PM  
Blogger elly said...

yeah, i love it too! :) thanks to daddy-0..

and no, i didnt get the video, but i hope my sis in law did..will try n get a copy from her.. :D

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Rina said...

oh happy birthday ayska, you look gorgeous!
just by reading your post, you sound like one very happy mom who's very proud of her daughter..i feel your exciteness :) put up the video if you get a chance, would love to see her dance!

ps: aidan's turn next!!!

6:29 PM  

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