Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the car...

my darling little one does not want to be by herself at all. Be it the baby carseat, the real car seat itself nor standing or whatever way it is to sit in a car or any moving object for that matter i guess EXCEPT on someone's lap!!!

Now what do i do?

She refused to sit in the trolley at the supermarket.
She refused to sit in a carseat.
She refused to even sit in the moving car toy thingy when its moving. You know the one where you have to put some coins in when it will start moving with some kiddy tunes playing. Yes, that one.
She refused to sit in her stroller too!!

Now i cant go anywhere just the two of us. It must be with someone else in tow. Or rather someone's lap is needed whenever we get into the car. Even for a short teeny weeny drive. Not even a half a second probably..

This is my dilemma. I admit, mummy's own mistake. Didnt make it a point to use the infant carrier all the time when she was small and at the stage where she wouldnt know how to protest. We did use it but during the short drive here and there, the then-convenience of just holding her for a little while costs me this big problem i am facing right now.

I sure do hope that this is just a phase.

So everyone out there, safety first. Buckle up. Espeacially for the tiny little precious ones..

I wont stop trying but i sure do hope she'll pass this fear or whatever it is real quick. Without the stroller, my back is really taking its toll. Without the carseat, there wont be just-me-and-my-little-angel day out. Or daddy-o-and-little-angel day out. It will always be the-three-of-us or four until the day that car seat is ok for you, my little one... hmmm...