Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scabhetti Nite (thats what my little sister used to call spaghetti)

We had a lovely dinner at my mum's house last night.

I went there straight from work whilst Kakak & Ayska came a few mins later with Daddy-0. Kakak came in pulling her schoolbag with her and told me, "I bring my school shoes too, mummy". I wondered for a few sec about it, then only I realised that just the night before, she said that she wanted to sleep over at her Nenna's house. I had forgotten about it and I thought she did too. She brought everything, even her favourite Tigger!

Anyway, here I am with my little Ayska, who is now a pro at kicking her blanket away. And my little big Kakak having a sleepover at her Nenna's house on a school night (which she hadnt done so for quite some time, most probably since we had Ayska too!)

Its kind of late; I got carried away on my laptop and I told myself this is going to be a short one.

Also, I cant wait for the weekend to come, simply because its midweek and I want a break already :D

(And the other reason is I also got the Goss:ipGirls in my externaldrive. GG marathon, here I come!)

xoxo ;)

Monday, November 09, 2009

watching the teevee

Both Arina & Ayska now loves watching High*5 (not the bread ya!) :D and Dor* the Explorer! For now, those two are Ayska's favourite!! And Arina is also so much into High*5 that we get into a small quarrel just because she wants to watch for the hundredth time her High*5 Cd. Its favourite cd at the moment. And the same cd can catch Ayska's attention and keep her still for quite a while!

Talking about keeping Ayska still, this only happens when she is either asleep or watching her favourite shows. Other than that, even when we are carrying her, she'll be all wriggly and even wants to "climb" on you! :)

She has started crawling and can even sit on her own..she gets into a side-pose position and voila! she's sitting! Tho it is still a bit wobbly and not that stable, but yeah, she's crawling!

Her bedtime varies but she still wakes up at night (whereas her kakak slept through the night at two months' old). And because of that, she still bf at night. But just last week, I tried the pacifier again. When she's awake crying at nite but still has her eyes closed, I'll give it to her. Just trying different ways to soothe her back to sleep.

She has no fixed position of taking her bottles. Can either be held/cuddled or lying on the lap but facing away from you and sometimes even sitting up. Yeap, she decides..whatever suits her fancy la kan.. She doesnt finish her milk at one go, she sometimes continue to finish it like 15mins or even half an hour later but her kakak will always finish her milk at one go..her kakak will never drink back the same susu even 10mins later..

Somehow rather this particular saying comes to mind - to each their own. ;)

Nite2 and have a great week ahead! To me and to you! :D

Hasta luego!