Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Of your cuddly one...

My little girl has got a favourite 'bantal bushuk' and its not really a pillow. When my maid was on her long holiday, i noticed that my littlegirl has started to ask for her Tigger everytime she is having her milk.

She would play with Tigger's ears. She also likes to 'feel' Tigger for it is really of a very soft texture. I didnt want her to be too attached to Tigger so sometimes i would try to tell her that Tigger is asleep and give her another teddy bear. She's ok with other teddy bear but would always yet again ask for Tigger when it is her milk time.

That picture above is of her and her Tigger and of course without fail; a bag which probably stored her water bottle that she brings along during her daily evening playtime at nearby playground with the neighbourhood kids. It must have been taken by daddy-0 a few months ago.

My maid of course is now back in K.L. But not without a few dramas here and there. Anyway, we are back to our usual routine and the house is back in order. The fridge is now full and the stove is being put to good use. Hehe

So, what was (or is hihi..) your 'bantal bushuk'? ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Of puzzling jigsaw...

My little girl now has a love for puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles that is. Thanks to Daddy-o who wanted to give her something more ‘educational’ during the birthday dinner we had for her. Just a little something so that we can watch her unwrapping them. You know how they just love to tear the wrappers open (and i will just cringe at the side, coz i cannot bear to see lovely wrappers turned into bits..hehe). So instead of one, daddy-o got her three of the puzzle-in-a-book book. It was a 6 piece puzzle per page.

Her first initial reaction was just to flip the pages. Then when she saw that the pieces could be taken out, that was all she did. She took out all the pieces from all the pages. So we kept one just so she doesn’t lose them all.

She then got the hang of it a few weeks after maybe, and learned how to do page by page bit by bit. Now, she can almost memorize which piece goes to which page. I know you shouldn’t test your child but I could not help myself and purposely put a piece at the wrong page. And she corrected me straight away.

She would say “Nak jigsaw puzzle” once in a while. That must be one of her first 4 syllables words in a row that she can pronounce. She can now so far do a 12-piece or 20-piece (the jumbo ones) but when my mum gave her a 40-piece puzzle, my sister and my maid ended up doing it instead.

Now, I am trying to teach her shapes and colors. I even got those special jigsaw that teaches colors but she refused to do them. I had to hold them up instead of making her do the puzzle. Maybe the pictures are not so interesting. I don’t know. Last night i tried by making it like a flashcards instead. At least it did get her attention a bit. Maybe seeing mummy making silly faces and noise is much more fun to her. Haha

Shapes. Well let’s not go into that just yet. Right now it's just circles. That's all she would draw. I will update again when I have better updates on shapes. Hehe

On a different note, I just found a 500-piece puzzle at home in one of my many unpacked boxes quite recently. I must have purchased them during one of my visits to the fleamarket in PJ years ago. I am now wondering how to go about trying to do them without getting my little girl 'facscinated' with the smaller pieces puzzle. I can bet you she would go throwing them up like 'rain'... :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Of cheekiness and having fun...

Yeah! She will do what she feels like doing, even seeing
the world from the ground and having fun too!!

The face of being 'fill-in-the-blank-guys'.hehe

How cheeky is this MissCheeky?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whassup chicken..

On one lazy saturday morning, we all woke up quite early for some reason. As always, i had to officiate the bathroom first as the other two were still lazing on the bed. And then, daddy's alarm went off. It went ccucckooocucckoocukooooo.

And then it started,
daddy-o asked littlegirl: what sound does a chicken make?
littlegirl went imitating the alarm: ccukkoocuckoooo
daddy-o persistently asked again, and the littlegirl answered the same (both were still lying down and littlegirl was snugly in between pillows hugging her teddybear). Then, daddy-o asked the same question for the third time. Still the same answer.

By the fourth time, littlegirl must have been quite fed-up and irritated with the same question over and over, she then answered almost innocently: "Whassup chicken!"

And that was that.

We laughed and daddy-o did not asked anymore. And everyone then got up to get ready to busy ourselves for the day.

And the 'whassup chicken' caught onto the rest of us now. Can't help it. hehe

Have a nice day everyone!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sweet Fifteen...

It was Tibi's 15th birthday on Saturday. I havent gotten anything yet for her. Gonna wait for the weekend to go with her to lessen my problem of deciding..hehe. She was with her friends that day and had a dance performance til 9pm at klc.c or somewhere around there. Have yet to greet her in person and on her birthday, i only saw her at 3am in the morning when Arina cried for some reason and she was still up doing one of her project and rescued us by making susu for the little girl. Btw, thats what she calls Arina, "little girl". She is the one very person that is so very busy with school and school activities that we hardly see her around. Even during holidays, she would have dance practices, cheer practices or study group or projects and what-have-yous..My God! The time that you see her is during meal time, that is if she has not eaten already or when she needs a lift somewhere..hehe. So Tibi, here's to another great year and hope you had lots of fun on your birthday. I know i still owe you a prezzie so come and claim it from me.


On a different note, we, i.e Daddy-o, littlegirl and myself had a great time at Raz&Riz's new home that same day. Their house is just lovely, cozy with cool furnitures and interiors with a nice mixed of color scheme that is very soothing. Oh and i love Raz's pasta. I so need to get the recipe from her cause i really (well not me really, Daddy-o) wanted to try and make pasta with cream sauce instead of the usual bolognaise that i used to make. And to top it off, we were served a lovely spread of dessert with coffee (coffee's good btw) and tea. (And to think that i actually wanted to have an extra serving of the pasta..hehe) Those were sinfully delicious dessert...esp the choc cake. And its all pure L.indt choc!!

We had to cut short the night by rushing for a movie that i didn't even think i would be watching but then i had never laughed so hard in my life in a cinema the way i did that night. It might also be the added sugar in my system, do you think?! hehe

Friday, May 04, 2007

Down memory lane...

Its been a while. I am around only a little bit busy; busy to post a little somethg2 (yeap, got this from lakish.a), but not bloghopping.

Anyway, the long weekend is over. It was very much anticipated but nothing much achieved; housekeeping-wise that is. Activity-wise; many things happened i must say. Like going to my old school for the annual old-girl's meeting session with the present girls. We missed out on the activities but we did went for a tour down memory lane. Would you believe it that the present girls are very much into poncho2?! I was amazed, coz the old girls came teaching them jazzercise that went with the music 'Sway' and they wanted an encore but this time doing the poncho2 instead. Hehe...

For photos of this trip, please go to
wegz's. She has lots of them, lovely ones for reminiscing too. Wished i had my own camera also..

My little Arina really enjoyed the trip and the freedom; she was running around here and there. And she got excited when she saw some boys playing, kicking a ball around at the huge lawn next to the hall. She wanted one, so we make do with her little i-dont-know-what-you-call-it thing that lighted up when u toss it. We were throwing it around, and she was shrieking and running and jumping around.

Then it was lunchtime. We head to the dining hall, and we were the last few who got to dig in. I especially loved the tomato masak i-dont-know-what. It was so sedap that now i think i want more. I think wegz's photo would show a bit of this lauk with tomato.

We had fun at the co-op too. They now have specially designed bedsheet and tudung with logo. And we went excited over their exercisebook instead..hehe (and pens and badges!)

We went home long after the other old girls left. The food really got to us i think. My eyes were heavy. Oh and the heat too! Luckily wegra was a great co-driver. My little girl dozed off the minute we got into the car.

(wait, did i mentioned that we almost got lost on the way there? Almost but not quite hehe...)