Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Thats my little girl's trademark when saying goodbye to people. Now it has caught on to the rest of the family members..right down to her grandma..hehe

Her vocab has grown quite a bit now and it is fun and still sometimes caught me by surprise when she responds to me or hear her talk to other people. Even when i hear stories from her bibik, and those near her especially when she's at my mum's place.

We are officially 'bibikless' for a month or so from now. At least that's what i told her and gave her, the bibik, a month holiday and so she 'balik kampung' last Saturday.

So far so good. Hehe...i think. Nothing funny or havoc has started yet. Well, it hasnt been a week so i guess the laundry part hasnt come into the picture yet. So, hubby,i warn you in advance ;), do be patience with me, especially the laundry part. Hehe..Am never, ever going to be good with that.Oh and also, am sooo NOT looking forward to the ironing part too.

I told a dear friend that i want to compartmentalise the laundry so that whites goes into the whites basket, colors, darks etc..And she said, sounds like a good plan and very organised (well i cant remember her exact words but.. hehe) and i just laughed. Coz that was just a plan. Nothing has been done yet...hehe
So i do need the patience and guidance being maidless ni..Can't help it..been used to having that extra help.

So now the little one gets to spend quality time with her daddy and buli him (and mummy too of course) especially during her bathtime and making her susu etc...Coz the bibik has always been quite strict with her. Bathtime was never a playtime with her bibik. So when its with her mummy or daddy, she would want to play with the water for ages...or else she screams! I hope we survive... :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Derusan ombak... ;)

I really dont have anything much to blabber for today i guess though a lot of things are running through my mind at one time..
I dont know why i have this song in my head suddenly...it actually came to me last week or so but i suddenly have it in my head again today...dunno which came first ...the melody or the words..This song reminds me of primary school i think, though i cant remember which exact year...or was it kindy?!! haha..i really couldnt figure it out. Maybe i am not thinking hard enough. Plain lazy is the case. ;)
I leave with the words to the song (not full la)

Terkulai dalam jambangan
Harapan menjadi debu
Begitu hancurnya hati
Akibat cinta buta
Terlupa diri

Ternyata lemahnya aku
Melawan mimpi duniawi
Sungguh aku tiada terdaya
Bagai bahtera dihempas
Gelora pedoman tiada

Setelah aku menyedari
Bahwa tak semua jalan berliku
Tiada langit kan mendung selalu
Terlambat bukan erti tamat...

Haha..Does anyone remember that, or even knows the title?! I might have made a few mistakes here and there. Like the other time when i confidently told wegz about the lyrics to 'antara.anyer.dan.jakarta' where i started with 'Derusan ombak' and she goes "mane ade the word derusan in the dictionary (can't remember her exact words but its sth along that line" hahaha. **malu tau!!**

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy birthday Dina...

"Hmmm...i luv the cake. Thanks Dina for inviting us!!!"

" Thank you for the partypacks. I luv the necklace & bracelet especially. Now i want to wear them all the time. Even my mummy's.. :D"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adopting Forever.21

Hehehe..that's what i told a friend this morn!

C'est la vie!

Have fun people because nothing is gonna stop me from it today! Haha

Monday, April 09, 2007

The biggest hug ever...

Arina is now 2 years and 3 months. And she is just a joy to watch. One day last week, after a long day at work and on the road, I came home hearing her voice ‘Hello mummy!’ repeatedly over and over, screaming at the door. This I hear even before I could see her. I parked outside the porch and just got out of the car and she was already at the door greeting me. Sigh!.. ‘hilang penat’. She came running to me with her two arms wide open, throwing herself to me ready for the biggest hug ever.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Away and back,,,

I have been 'away' for quite a while now. Missed having this relaxed environment so to speak. Well, it was all worth it at the end of it all. The most important thing is we had fun. Ultimate fun! Wouldnt mind having to go through it all over again though.
We welcomed a new family member early last month. My brother finally tied the knot to his long time girlfriend. The chaotic busy bee me were here there and everywhere trying to make sure everything went well assisting my mum so to speak with the help of others of course. Well, without those important people's help, i dont think things will go as smoothly as they did.
Today is my wedding anniversary. I really dont know what we will do tonight to celebrate our three years of marriage. But it will definitely be something simple and memorable (right daddy-o?;)) i hope. I guess dinner and movie might just be the plan.
While they were opening their presents yesterday, my brother commented that our marriage and theirs are almost exactly three years apart. And our age gap is exactly the same. So he said, maybe then the next marriage in the family would be in five years time since he and Titi has a five year gap between them. Hehe..hear dat Titi??! or maybe earliar ka??