Thursday, March 19, 2009

its countdown time..

Had a visit to my obgyn yesterday and i was informed that baby is now 3.3kg. Its big, yes for i am actually just about into my 36wks. So the doc gave me another 2 wks before my next visit for us to discuss our next course of action, ie induce labour!

The word 'induced' kinda scares me, i must say, after having heard so much stories about it. Was quiet for a bit in the car after the visit that had hubby asked me whats on my mind. The idea of induced labour of course! So anyone with induced labour, please share your story. Good or bad, i still wanna hear.

There's so much stories i wanna share that i have missed since i last posted here..Will come back to it, once i have the time :D

Till then, pray for me ya! :D