Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music class at last..

We finally enrolled her in a music class here and our initial try-out class was more or less okay except for the fact that I had forgotten to bring along the water bottle from the car. She had asked me when we were on our way, and as I was the only one with her and was driving then, I couldn’t entertain her request to stretch to the back to get hold of the bottle. When we got there, we went scurrying out as I thought we were late and I had forgotten about it. And just when the class started, she made a face and asked for water again! Mummy’s mistake and she asked me for the water throughout the class…

All in all, the first class was okay and she was excited about the fact that they gave out stickers. But then, it was only for the kids with books and she hadn’t gotten hers yet as we haven’t enrolled then. She was disappointed but luckily she understood. She reported to her nenna that she didn’t get her stickers coz she didn’t have a book; and I felt bad. You can see how excited she was when we went down and purchase the book.

The class was full of happy music and we did a lot of singing and movements. There were also story telling with big picture posters but with music this time. It was a parent-child class so mummy had to make sure that she’s in the mood for it too. :D

And we were given a CD to listen at home as homework; so that they get to familiarize themselves with the music and achieve the targeted action by following the beat. And we did it about two nites ago and again in the car last nite. And because I missed a few days before that, so I repeated the songs over and over and this morning, I am still humming to it and can’t get it out of my head.

I asked her before enrolling whether she wants to come again; and she said yes. Contrary to the time I took her to a ballet class try-out when she just turned three and she repeatedly said no while clinging to me all the time about coming back to the class..hehe I think she is a bit more mature now and is excited about being there I guess. But I did try asking her about the ballet class again and her response this time were with much more enthusiasm than the last. But I guess we’re going to settle with this music class first before we start thinking about ballet again.. :D

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My tummy is full of rainbow

Last Sunday, we had potluck at my place with some close friends.

My daughter was sitting next to me while we ate and she said to me at one point,

"mummy, i want rainbow only" while pointing to the macaroni in her plate indicating that she didn't want carrot and mushroom but just the macaroni ie. rainbow!! :D

Friday, July 04, 2008

There are seven days in a week

That’s the start of the song that she will sing every now and then. And it’ll start with Sunday!

I had this conversation with her last Monday:

She: Yesterday, I go to school kan?
Me: No, you went to school this morning
She: Oh this morning. Monday Mummy?
Me: Today
She: Oh, today. Tuesday?
Me: Tomorrow.
She: Oh, tomorrow. Yesterday, kan Arina go to school, mummy work.
Me: No, today Arina go to school, Mummy go to work. (And I was thinking, are we starting the conversation all over again?!) hehe

She is learning the period of time, still haven’t gotten the hang of it like today, tomorrow, just then/now, yesterday but she uses them like she knows them. But her favourite time factor is “nanti”; which got me thinking. ‘Nanti’ to us is like a period of whenever, rite? Like nanti mummy buy me this? Nanti mummy bring me there?...hmm

I also had a conversation last week with a dear friend who is far away and just found out that she got msn! hehe And her lil kid also likes to act what they do in school like lil arina does. Eg, pretending to be in class, giving instructions to friends (pretending to be the teacher) and doing all sorts of other things, her favourite at the moment, whenever we go up the stairs, without fail she will make me wait and say ‘u P1, I P2’ and she goes up the stairs first. And give me the go ahead when I can start my step up. In actual fact, she is in P1, whereby P2 is an older group :D