Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Juempa D'Ramo!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Potty trained: my big little girl..

Yes, finally. She comes back from school last Monday + told the bibik that she doesnt want to wear pampers and she did exactly that. So, it has been four days now.

You cant imagine my worry when all these while we were trying to train her and i actually gave up trying at one point. There was a week not long ago, that bibik tried potty training her. After that week, she INSISTED at all time to WEAR her pampers. Not even wanting to take it off when it was drenched and heavy. I dont really know what happened during that training period, but i suspected that the bibik was being too strict and she became scared of letting go, not knowing when to inform yet at that point i guess.

I assumed it all started when coming back from school on Monday, her teacher/principal commented on her heavy pampers (maybe it was in front of some friends, i dunno, i wasnt there you see, this is all reported by the bibik).

I spoke to her that Monday after school on the phone + she proudly announced to me,

"Arina tak pakai pampers, Arina shi2 toilet, Arina sleep je pakai pampers k". So yeah, that's how her sentencing structure goes now. And she repeated that when i saw her again after coming back from work.

I am so proud of her now. Seeing her lil cute buns without pampers now is just too cute! (and looking forward to the savings we get sans those expansive pampers) hehe

Now, the only problem is, to tackle the number 2 business. She still insist on putting in on for the number 2. Sigh!

The other thing that worries me is, from the bibik's story, that she rushed home and run for the toilet and doesnt seem to want to do it in her school. Is she scared of telling her teacher that she wants to go to the toilet in school? Maybe i should give her teacher a call and find out rather than sit here and worry eh?!

Oh well, at least she now do the number 1 minus the pampers. Yeay! :D