Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pierced her ears..

Thats what we did today. Yeay!

She had mentioned about wearing earrings before this and a few friends that wore earrings. Didnt think she was ready then.

But yesterday, when we asked her again she said she wants to wear earrings. I only would let her do it if she wants to. But she looked determined. Even said she would 'tahan' while breathing in and sucking her little tummy in ( showing how she was going to 'tahan' the pain i think ). Yes, we did mentioned that it would hurt a bit and i insisted that we go to a place that would do two ears at the same time. Didnt want to go through the time when my little sister did hers ages ago; when she didnt want to do the 2nd ear! hehe.

Have to thank my sister in law for looking for the right place to do it. Her little cousin was supposed to it with her, but she was all wringly and probably after looking at Arina crying after the piercing, didnt want to go through it then...

She had chosen a diamante, and the biggest of the lot, haha. You see, they were the same design, but come in small, medium and large. Thank God it wasnt real diamond! :P

I had initially thought that we might go for her birthstone color. Cant exactly tell what the color was, maybe it was aquamarine or something; would check on that soon. But I'm glad we settled on the one she and Daddy chose. Pictures would be coming soon.

Have a good Ramadhan everyone! :D