Sunday, April 19, 2009

The arrival of our second baby

I have been meaning to start back on my blog eversince i started my confinement..well actually, i wanted to post something during my pregnancy but didnt get the chance too.

My 2nd daughter was born on the 31st March 2009, two weeks earlier than the expected due date; 15th April 2009. Didnt think she was going to be a March baby but she decided to come out just on the last day of March!

Am beyond words to describe my feelings having a second addition to our family! You should see how excited the kakak is when seeing her for the first time!

It really felt like having our first child again! Whats with it being about 4 years and 3 mons difference of when we had Arina!

Ayska, that is what we call her. She weighed 3.69kg and i've yet to weigh her again. She will be exactly 3 weeks old tomorrow!