Thursday, August 12, 2010

Standard One

 *Image is borrowed from azmanhizam photography ..thx dear! :)

My eldest girl is going into Standard One next year! Standard One! Yes, I have to repeat that and say that to myself time and time again! hehe! Can you tell that this mummy is still somewhat in disbelieved that time flew by so quickly and that her little girl is growing up oh so fast! She is even doing the multiplication table now in kindy ..I was even taken aback with that too! :D

Am I prepared for all this, I ask myself..?? (see?! how I am still quite not absorbing it all yet?!) Well, enrollment and school is a whole different story altogether. Will get to that later.. Also, Mandarin will be another language we are hoping for her to learn to speak and write too :)


Blogger The Momster said...

Yeay for Arina, and extra effort from mummy!! Hehehe...

Lepas ni nak holiday kena join in the school hols crowd kan Nor??

11:00 AM  

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