Friday, August 24, 2007

Strike a pose!

We had a blast in Melaka. I asked her to concentrate on the show in front of us and she striked a pose for me instead. My cheeky little girl...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

of having fun at birthday parties...

We had two birthday parties last weekend n we had FUN.

Here's a photo of the little girl and the birthday boy.

This is where I discovered that she likes the cream and not the cake! No wonder her mouth is blue; full of the blue cream, courtesy of the Thomas The Train blue birthday cake. :)

Here's also a photo of her and the birthday girl. She being the 'sibuk' one wanting to play with Arianna's new pressie.

We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the optometrist to check bibik's eyes again. And she being the cannot-sit-still kid asked me to take for her the BLUE sunnies which is right next to a PINK one for she wants to try it on...Maybe because she wanted to match it with her outfit; i dont know..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bijou Bazaar @ Jaya Shopping Centre

This is the place to be at, people!!
So lets rock the bazaar!
They have such lovely things there, it surely wont dissapoint you...
See you there!
p/s: for more info, visit
bijou bazaar website...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Of pre-schools dilemma and decisions...

I have been having a mix feeling between 'desperate', 'worried', 'anxious' and 'excited' lately about the idea of sending my little girl off to pre-school.

You see, technically she is 3 this year. But she's a year end baby as most of you know. And I am not 'that' familiar with age groupings and such. And one kindy teacher actually told me that its 'illegal' for her to take in a not-yet-3 years old kid into her school for fear that the authority might 'check' on them. Now that really got me confused!

Or is it because certain kindy allows 3 AND above children ONLY and others have permit for below 3. But are those below 3 more on childcare/nurseries type of school where they have playgroups and such? Am I making any sense here? hehe...I am a very confused-mummy anxious to send her kid to school i think.

The idea is for her to socialise and have more friends her age and do things her age-groups does. That's it. But WHERE to send her? and WHEN?

Is early next year sufficient?

But I want to send her now. Or is that just being too pushy?

I think she is ready because she comes to me and says that she wants to go to school. Probably what triggers her is when she saw other children playing around in a kindy nearby.

Anyways, it really bothers ( or rather hanging in my mind rite now) me, this whole kindy thing. All parents wants the best for their kid,rite? And this mummy is too...