Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy birthday titi..

We miss you so much!! Come back soon... ;) Muahhs Ohh and HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!! (i know i know i'm a day late..sorry dear)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Old skool story...

Another tag to do. Been tagged by Nadio. Oo-ooh i just remembered, i think wegra also did tagged me once but i cant remember for wat.. Lemme check on it nanti yah wegra.. ;)

How many schools did you go to?
Only three!
1) Primary school in DU
2) All-girl secondary boarding school in Seremban
3) All-girl private school (pre-u) in Perth

Not counting uni that is.. ;)

Was I the studious nerd or the last minute hero?
I was never constant except for one unit in 2nd yr uni where the tutor always check our work individually every week. So I guess last minute but not hero laa.. hihi

Was I the taiko or the teachers' pet?

I don’t think I was ever any.

Best 3 subjects...
Math in primary

Spanish (only 1st sem )

Cost accounting haha coz I was ‘forced’ into doing homework

3 teachers that I remember most (for various reasons)...
Our standard 6 teacher coz he remembers me too haha and bcoz I see him every now and then still.

My standard 1 teacher (for obvious reason!)hehe

My BM teacher (also our class teacher) in form five ;)

I would like to tag:
1) Nina
2) Ly-d

3) Miss Creme

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The faraway gaze...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Slow weekend with an exciting ending...

What started with a very slow morning of a very lazy saturday turned out quite relaxing. For the first time in months i felt that saturday is very long day.. :)
There were one false alarm though. I got panicked over nothing..hihi It started with bibik showing me the fan of the cookerhood making funny noise and ended up not working. Then when i wanted to pour hot water from the boiler, nothing came out. Only then i realised there was no electricity. The panicky me ran upstairs to check the electricity bill whilst cursing to myself silently why did i procrastinating in settling the bill. Called tenaga office and as expected there was no answer.
Called my mom! haha..(who else??!) ..
Mum relaxed and simple reply, "tripped kut.."
Haha..why didnt i think of THAT in the first place before getting all panicky?? The bill was only for RM11ish je pun!! Shisshh!
At the end, all is well. I get to mandi my hot shower and we get to go to a kenduri cukur jambul very relaxed and happy..
Came sunday..we got ready early to go to the morn market to get more meat. We were rushing out. Coz i seriously dont know wat time does the morn market closes!! Turn on the ignition and then...the car wouldnt start!!
What a start eh!!
Called bro..(who else??!) and was told to get the taxi. Get the taxi we did and off we went to borrow a car.. cut it short.. It was little angel's first time to a wet market and she seemed bored half the time. HAHA.. what should i expect eh...
To end the weekend..we had a fun and yummilicious pot luck bbq get-together with a few of my mates..a baby galore and catching up time...The little angel played a good host..but not without one or two of her cheeky and mischievous antics hehe..

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Chapter

I am on my own! Never knew that the time has come and IS here. I finally moved to my own abode. A new chapter, a new beginning, a new episode, a new stage in life. You can call it what you want. For me, I actually can hardly describe what I am feeling for what I am going through right now. I would put it as simply quite exhilarating with a tinge of apprehension I guess. I mean, you’re on your own and you having to look out for yourself and your own family! It feels new but it is quite comforting I have to say.

26th March 2006 marks the new chapter of my family’s life. We finally moved into the house. It was the day we had brought all the things into the house. It was also the first night we had slept in the house. My own little family in my own little home.

A lot to be done. A lot of work. A lot of headaches (and backaches too haha). Bigger and more holes in the pocket. Was it all worth it? I think it is!! To those on their own too, please give me any good advice or any tips. To those who are about to be on their own, my advise is plan well in every sense. And plan everything you can imagine planning.haha is there such thing??. Anticipate things before it happen. (If only it is easy ek?!!) Hehe..(this is NOT a tip from the travel n living file yahh!!) Till then..