Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And i am telling you...

Cant get the song out of my system! Great song.Check it out.Oh and she's hell of a good singer kan?!
Oh and you should check out this 11yearold girl, B.ianca R.yan, singing a version of it. She can definitely sing!

How to do things the right way...


I dont say the right thing at the right time apparently.
And i dont look a certain way when i am supposed to.
I don't do things right apparently.
Or maybe i just can't get anything right. Period.


What do normal people normally do?

Say what?!

I luv what wegz mentioned in her blog. The Baz Luhrman quote. Check it out here

Saturday, February 24, 2007

istanbul delights..

This was the bar of toppings that i had for my spud.
There were all kinds of olives, chickpeas paste (i think),
tomatoes, beetroot and yogurt with stuff that
i dont know the names of.
Yup, i just eat! Hehe
Ordu Cafe - 0207

This is the result.
And nope, i couldnt finished it all.
It doesnt look as tempting in the photo isnt it?
Sorry, but it was gud! :P
Coming from Haghia Sophia to Topkapi Palace we found this!

Turkish Delights
Baklava and such
At one of the streetshop that i forgot the name of

Friday, February 23, 2007

Down the street of ...

The photo was taken by one of daddy-o's friend in one of the street shops in Istanbul on our first night there. So here nins, one of the 'makcik' photo as requested!! I looked huge eh!! I dont remember the name of the place. All i know it is just one train stop away from our hotel. :)


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Of good flow and sleeping in...

It was free flow and smooth sailing for me to the office this morn and yesterday too. What a joy! I wished it would be like this everyday. If only..

My daughter wasnt is a good mood last nite. A bit demure which is not herself at all when we brought her to my Sil's place last nite. Maybe she was tired. And she didnt get a good sleep also last nite. Woke up twice which is very unusual. Once for susu and the other for water. Hope she's feeling much better this morn. When i left for work this morning, she was still sleeping.

She will always be sleeping anyways everytime i leave for work. I was a little bit concern then that she might not become a morning person like me and drag having to wake up in the morning everytime for school and then now, work. Also, i dread maybe later i might have to drag her from bed every morning to go to school. This is something that i dont look forward to. Seriously. And then, last weekend during cny, i was talking to my hubby's aunty when we went over for a visit about my concern. And she reassured me that she didnt have a problem with her grandchild eventhough he wakes up late in the morning in his early years. Now that he goes to school, he wakes up very early. Maybe he's eager and excited and really looks forward to school. And i really do hope that when the time comes, my daughter would be like that too. I sometimes tell Daddy-o to wake the little girl up and not let her sleep in, which he always does. But now i guess i can put my concerns aside and not worry. Let just hope its not in the gene. Coz if she follows her mummy, then i know the the trouble i'll be in when the time comes.. :P

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And baby makes 3...

Today i came into the office a little bit earlier than usual coz i changed the time setting on my phone. Imagine what a five minute dummy can do to alter my pattern eh! Haha

I was everywhere yesterday that it got me all worn-out by evening. I didnt think much about val's day this year but Daddy-o gave me a sweet msg early in the morning and was even sweeter to suggest to have dinner somewhere outside(dining out is a very unusual thing for us now since having a baby), but of coz with Arina in tow. We were halfway to our destination, when we decide not to go through the jam and hassle since we were both very tired (daddy-o just got back from work too). So we ended up going back to my parent's place to have dinner there (coz it was already prepared for us anyway...). I was happy coz i get to eat my grandma's ikan keli masak lemak!! Oh, to me, there's no one else in the world that can cook masak lemak like she does..you'd want more and more..Unfortunately, i had to share with others! hehe. And daddy-o was sweating! So i know he had a good meal too. (hehe..yes, he sweats when he's having a good meal, regardless whether its hot or not..)

so, i guess we shouldd just spread love around 365days all year round especially to those closest to us and treat everyday as a special day (when its not gloomy and chaotic for some, :P). Oh and also, a good meal is a good meal anyway.. hehe. Do you think i am making any sense here?? :P

Friday, February 09, 2007


Back from my trip.
It was great! Damn great!
Wished it was longer.
Flight was long. Going was exciting but longer hours (maybe coz of the excitement of anticipation of the whole trip)
Coming back was tiring though it was of a shorter hour of travel.
Didn’t know Istanbul can be sooo cold! My fingers, ears and nose were almost freezing. And you don’t want to see the way I wrap myself. Daddy-o said I look like a ‘makcik’. Makcik or not… My only concern was not to get frosted nose and ear!

Pictures i have but will post later. I leave with this particular one..

One of the Medusa head (that was placed upside down and no one knows why)
The Basilica Cistern
532 A.D

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Short & sweet...

... the time is finally here. Hehe. There's a saying kan..good things happen to those who wait...eh or is it good things happen to those who are patient..

Haha..whatever it is, i cant wait for tomorrow!! For the first time, will be following daddy-o on one of his trip! Yeay!

Finally. It'll be a very short trip..but i hope it'll be worth it..

However, little girl wont be following this time around. Thats quite a worry coz she has gotten quite clingy to me whenever i am around. I think that's why la kut. WHEN i am around tu is not so often nowadays. I mean weekends i'll be busy doing this and that. What's with bro's wedding coming etc. Weekdays after work of coz i'll be home. That is when she wont leave me alone. And dont want to be with anyone else. If i do go out at nite, she make sure i carry her all the time. Not wanting to be left out.

I do hope she'll be ok this weekend. Am relying on the aunties to amuse her and keep her busy this weekend.

Oh well, any advice for me before i leave and immerse myself with all the turkish delights??