Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Of your cuddly one...

My little girl has got a favourite 'bantal bushuk' and its not really a pillow. When my maid was on her long holiday, i noticed that my littlegirl has started to ask for her Tigger everytime she is having her milk.

She would play with Tigger's ears. She also likes to 'feel' Tigger for it is really of a very soft texture. I didnt want her to be too attached to Tigger so sometimes i would try to tell her that Tigger is asleep and give her another teddy bear. She's ok with other teddy bear but would always yet again ask for Tigger when it is her milk time.

That picture above is of her and her Tigger and of course without fail; a bag which probably stored her water bottle that she brings along during her daily evening playtime at nearby playground with the neighbourhood kids. It must have been taken by daddy-0 a few months ago.

My maid of course is now back in K.L. But not without a few dramas here and there. Anyway, we are back to our usual routine and the house is back in order. The fridge is now full and the stove is being put to good use. Hehe

So, what was (or is hihi..) your 'bantal bushuk'? ;)


Blogger hani said...

hi elly,

i have a bolster that i had since hi'skool..dah penyek tapi tetap besh..muahahaha!!

my daniel lak takde bantal bushuk tapi ada kain busyuk...cloth napkin yang kalau takde dia takleh tido..keke...

3:54 PM  
Blogger Naziah said...

my comforter busuk from zaman after SPM and my Spongebob Squarepants bantal busuk are 2 items that I never travel without. Now my bantal busuk is being pass down to my girl...

10:17 PM  
Blogger fara / ly-d said...

aaaaaa... err.. used to have this absolutely bushuk pillow... dah sampai tahap kusam... digentel2 diwaktu nenen botol.... up to nearly schooling age.
but then i guess my parents managed to chuck it out since no longer have it with me (dulu ade photo candid of me dilamun masyuk ngan bantal @ age 6.. but already destroyed the evidence, coz parents tend to show off that photo whenever friends come round)

10:59 PM  
Blogger mummy-o said...

uh-ohh...all the 'secrets' are coming out...simpan and please show them to your children too..like ziah passing it down to her kid now..hehe

mine is also gone. But i have a new 'favourite' too. Even my kid knows its 'mummy's pi-yo' hehe

10:02 AM  
Anonymous wegra said...

seluar busuk ok tak?

i've got this stripey pijama pants that i love so much ... now dah pendek sebelah al-akibat koyak but i still pakai ... i know, not sexy at all (my knight in shining armour, if you happen to read, please ignore this)


1:55 PM  
Anonymous zezz said...

haha weg!

naziah your bantal busuk is germ-infested, so dont pass down to khadeja lah! hehehehehehe

i had this wooly blanket from form 1, to shah alam, to university, brought along to my bachelor pad...up until my husband decided to put it away last mth ~ bcos the wooly thingy will be everywhere...koyak2 hihihihi

9:42 AM  
Blogger mummy-o said...

wegz, people have 'security blanket, teddie, pillow' and you have ur pajama pants? haha

zezz, hubby replace ok wat?! hihi

5:32 PM  
Anonymous sti' said...


5:49 PM  

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