Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scabhetti Nite (thats what my little sister used to call spaghetti)

We had a lovely dinner at my mum's house last night.

I went there straight from work whilst Kakak & Ayska came a few mins later with Daddy-0. Kakak came in pulling her schoolbag with her and told me, "I bring my school shoes too, mummy". I wondered for a few sec about it, then only I realised that just the night before, she said that she wanted to sleep over at her Nenna's house. I had forgotten about it and I thought she did too. She brought everything, even her favourite Tigger!

Anyway, here I am with my little Ayska, who is now a pro at kicking her blanket away. And my little big Kakak having a sleepover at her Nenna's house on a school night (which she hadnt done so for quite some time, most probably since we had Ayska too!)

Its kind of late; I got carried away on my laptop and I told myself this is going to be a short one.

Also, I cant wait for the weekend to come, simply because its midweek and I want a break already :D

(And the other reason is I also got the Goss:ipGirls in my externaldrive. GG marathon, here I come!)

xoxo ;)


Anonymous Rina said...

just cant help myself from not leaving a comment...hehe..

you're hooked on gossip girl too? i've been a fanatic since it first came out 2 years back! now im catching up on the episodes that i missed when i was back in malaysia, gosh it's so twisted!!! i love chuck and blair :D

oh, aidan kicks his blanket a lot too that i now make him sleep in a grobag. a few days ago i left him with a blanket that he got all tangled-up...what a scare!

4:06 AM  
Blogger momster said...

typical me... i have never watched gossip girl!i really think we'd need 2 TVs in 1 room to be a little updated perhaps? ;)

at that age the kids just love being at their grandparents' kan?

10:05 AM  
Blogger elly said...

Rina, yeah, just love gossipgirls..hehe now starting with glee hehe

yeah, i thk i'd better start her with that. we used one when she was small and when she outgrew it, the bigger one we had was the button on ones, and i kinda got 'lazy' with that, hence just the blanket jer.. she really know how to kick it off la that girl.. hehe

nins, yeah, i thk its the attention and also someplace familiar but different from home kan.. hehe

3:26 PM  

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