Thursday, February 18, 2010

diaper, diaper, less, less, yeah yeah!

It was Arina's first night off her diaper! Yeay! And i am so thrilled with the news. You dont know how many times i high-fived her and kissed her and hugged her this morning.. and she had this sheepish smile all the while - the big kakak smile! hehe

You see, she has been diaper-free only during the day, a few months since she attended her first kindergarten when she turned three.. But she had never managed to be diaper-free at night time.. Well, there were a few odd occasion when her diaper were not soiled at all in the morning.. but it was very seldom.

I've talked to her often about it, just to rub in the thought more into her sub-conscious mind - if that can make any difference.. hehe But she can even negotiate with me, telling me," when i am 6 years old ok mummy!" (she'll be turning six end of the year btw)

It became quite stressful for me sometimes to even ask her to pee before sleep at night. In fact, she has even mastered putting on the diaper all on her own!

But last night, after our bedtime book reading, i try once again and told her lets not wear the pampers tonight since you are a big girl already.. and she, without much fuss or excuses (she's very good at this now! *rolled eyes*) obliged. I was surprised but went along and didnt say much then..didnt want her to change her mind suddenly. I quickly wished her goodnight and left her room.

And so, she sleeps on her own bed, in her own room diaper-free!

My little girl is a big girl now *sigh!*

( I pray and hope that this will continue again tonite and then after!) *fingers crossed* ;)

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Anonymous Rina said...

great job arina!!!!

this post reminds me so much of the clinics that i did dulu...there were lots of children coming with bedwetting problems, and some were nearly teenagers. mostly came because they were embarrassed and not able to go for sleepovers, summer camps etc. i prescribed meds which did the job temporarily but the kids themselves needed a lot of discipline and training too. hehe...

6:55 AM  
Anonymous オテモヤン said...


2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to get Imtiyaz diaper free at nite too, but not quite sure how to do it, especially thking of the mess if accidents were to happen! :P

Such a big girl already, Arina!

1:17 PM  
Blogger elly said...

Hi Rina, didnt know that there's prescribed meds for these things.. wow!

Nins, tulaaa.. second night was still ok, but on third night, daddy tugged her in instead, and she was soo sleepy and could negotiated with the daddy and told him, 'please dont tell mummy i didnt shee2 first because i'm so sleepy!' boleh tak mcm tu?! hehe i guess she didnt want to dissapoint me in a way la kut..

3:31 PM  

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