Saturday, January 16, 2010

She turned five!

This was taken on her birthday and you can tell she was happy coz even though I
asked her to pose for me, which she often dont want to, she did this time and with a smile too! hehe
(all this was while she busy opening her presents hehe)

My eldest girl, my little 'kaklong' and darling little first born baby has turned FIVE!!! (ok, i know this post is so late but i still want to have a special 5yearold birthday post for her) :D

She was of course so very excited about it. In fact, she was counting the days to the event. She still didnt quite grasped the idea that she had finally turned FIVE when that very day came though(hehe), you see, she got confused because she knew that we were planning a birthday party for her the coming weekend and it was a Monday and I was working while Daddy was away. It was after a few people (like my mum, my sis-in-law called and spoke to her) asked her how old she was, she was still insisting that she was four and not five yet! She was relaying to me about the conversation that she had with her Nenna and Auntie and then it only hit me, that I didnt explained to her properly that THAT day is already the 28th, which is her birthday and we are doing a party for her later because it was a weekday and even Daddy was not around then.

And so, she turned to me with a wide expression and said
"I'm Five, mummy!" and continued
"And after that, I'm going to be 6!!"

It was so funny remembering that moment. But when she started asking me, when is she turning six, whether its this year or next year and when is she going into Std One, then it just hit me too!

My little girl is not so little anymore.. *sigh*

She is still attached to her little Tigger, the soft toy that is her 'security blanket' especially when drinking milk (yes, she still does take her milk in the bottle) and when going to sleep at night.

We decided to put her in the morning session in her kindergarten, mainly because I know that for the next two years after that, she will be in the afternoon session that we enrolled her in for Std One. But I wasnt sure how she would cope with the morning session, knowing very well that she's not much of a morning person.

But somehow, she adjusted. Well, we had to adjust her and get her into a new routine which mainly involves sleeping early! hehe yeah, obviously we've been very laid back about her bed time all these while too!

We are now adjusting well in a new school routine where we even managed to enrol her in an al-quran and fardhu ain learning session in the evening after her kindergarten. It has a fixed time also. I was worried (well I know all mummies tend to be a lil' worry-wart with their lil kids, who doesnt rite) about tiring her with too much activity but she seemed to be enjoying it too! To my surprise, she has even tried to recite the prayer during sujud!

Anyway, back to her birthday, and so we had a small celebration with just our families for her that very night (sans Daddy-0). She was so very happy with all the attention and presents too, thanks to all the family members who came and help us celebrate it with her. I only wished I had taken more photos that night..

Anyway, Happy 5th birthday my lovely little princess!


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