Monday, August 10, 2009

Rolling over...

Ayska did her first ever roll over all by herself without any help on 27 July 2009, at 17 weeks old.

She was still struggling just a day before, almost there but still got one hand stuck under her tummy. Then, to her daddy's surprise, she was rolling over already. Daddy-o rang me at work, told me the great news and that he also snapped a few photos! :D

Her feeding pattern is now pretty much formula milk during the day plus one EBM and then fully BF at night. I do try to give her the formula sometimes at night, but she just refused. Probably about 1ml or 2ml the most.

But now, i was told she sometimes refused the EBM during the day. I still do think she's not comfortable with the teats. Must try some other ones too then. Some say orthodontic ones are good option too..Just that I havent the time to go to the baby shop and get it..Maybe I can try online later..

I am also looking forward to starting her on solids. She seemed to be so interested to see people eat! True! And she looks at food as if she's drooling over it.. I guess she is kinda ready.

So many things to look forward to.. even when people tell me, oh, its your second one therefore not much surprise there. But to me, going through it again still seem that we are experiencing it for the very first time, well the excitement is still very much as exciting as the first to me anyway.. :D


Anonymous Rina said...

asyka is so gorgeous and chubby! and great to hear she has achieved another milestone in her life.

anyway, why dont you try tommee tippee bottles? the teat is designed to resemble a mum's breast, its BPA free too. give it a go and hope she's ok with it. im planning to start aidan on solids in a months time when he's 4 mths. that boy feeds 2 hourly during the day and yet tak laa chubby mana...hmmm

9:13 PM  
Blogger elly said...

)Hi rina! Thx! ya she's chubby chubs hehe i started her with avent initially when she was a month old or less, was ok 4 a while then suddenly just refused the bottle one saturday. I got panicked n bought both tommee tippee n mam. Then she sort of took d mam better. From then on i havent chg. But its quite worryg sometimes whn i'm not arnd at nite 2 feed her, she still refused d bottle. I guess its a matter of adjusting too ya :) Aidan quite a drinker isnt he? : D

11:26 PM  

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