Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh so hooked

I saw Twilight just last week with daddy-o and now i am so hooked on it. When i found out that NewMoon the movie is only going to be out in Nov, I desperately wanted to read the book then. I finished NewMoon over the weekend and now wishing I had read Twilight first..hehe So yes, I am totally hooked on it.. even contemplating of getting the complete set! Should i, shouldnt i?

I know i jumped late into the bandwagon hehe I remember now when my sister asked me to watch it at the cinema six/seven months back, i had refused; simply because i assumed that it was going to be a typical gory vampire stuffs on screen. Boy, i was so very wrong! I was pregnant then anyway so wasnt too keen on watching those kind of stuffs, even when my sister said it was more of a love story, i wasnt totally convinced then. But i got curious out of sudden just a few weeks back and I finally bought the dvd . Got a few dvds then and save Twilight for last. I was so sleepy when we switched it on but was fully awake the minute edward walked in the scene hehe I think rob p really made the character comes alive and its the whole idea of the character that i loved.

Cant wait to finish the whole saga and to see it at the cinema!! The wait seemed too long, some are even counting the days already.. well at least i know by then i would have finished the book. This really brings me back to the days when therainmaker and other johngrisham books went to the movies.. hehe

i remember back then how i can spend one whole day without putting the book down. Now finishing a whole book is a big accomplishment and a luxury for me hehe


Anonymous Rina said...

i wasnt convinced too in the very beginning with all the hype. went to the cinema and it was packed full with teenage girls! but i have to say that the movie was good that i bought the complete saga the following week and couldnt put it down, was so hooked! cant wait for new moon too...

3:07 PM  
Blogger elly said...

hehehe kan!! it took me this long to watch the movie. am trying to finish the books now.. so so hooked!

did u like the ending of the saga btw? :)

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least u made it! i haven't even watched it still! :P

12:36 PM  
Anonymous ziah said...

that edward scene is always the reason why people get hooked with the movie. I thought he was so beautiful, it was breathless, and i'm not exagerating... cantik sungguh la!!!

12:52 PM  

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